Hot Ex-Dub Singer with an Awesome Sound!

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  • Magwitch

    She is lovely. Is she really an ex or does she just like the lyrics?

  • 144001

    Thanks for posting this, Diest! I'm going to attend one of her next two shows and I'll report back on this thread after I see her perform.

    Nambo: Don't forget, "happy are all they who put their trust in him today!"

  • Iamallcool

    When will she be in Atlanta?

  • Diest

    Thank Aaron Eldridge. His original thread never caught fire so I tried again here. I really liked her music, and it was nice that her EP was free.

  • Sheep2slaughter

    Nice nipples....don't judge me!!


    I listened to a song of hers. Like her voice. You can download her album for free. She is also doing some free concerts.

    I checked out her FB page and someone said he was an EX-JW from Tenn and she responded A chick who swears is my kinda chick!

    I listened to ato a song of hers. Like her voice.

    She had a link to an interview in X0 Magazine. I read it and she was indeed a JW. I'll post the link. Her interview starts on PAGE 65. Nice pics, too.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Nice, she gives her music away and is on soundcloud. I love her.

    I wonder how much her lyrics are inspired by her experiences as a JW. It sure sounds like she has some angst in her songs about her parents/friends rejecting her.


    I'm a sinner
    I’m a liar
    Want forgiveness But I'm tired
    I'm addicted to the fire Let go, I'm ready for it Let go, I’m ready

    I'm a victim
    I'm a coward
    Try to wake up Don't have the power I'm a daughter in the choir Let go, I'm ready for it Let go, I'm ready

    Oh Oh Oh Oh

    I'm a shadow

    I'm a creeper Want forgiveness Getting weaker
    I'm addicted to the fever Let go, I'm ready for it Let go, I'm ready

    I'm a danger
    I'm a cipher
    Try to wake up
    No desire
    I'm a daughter in the choir Let go, I'm ready for it Let go, I'm ready

    Oh Oh Oh Oh

    No no no eyes baby No no no mind baby No no no smile baby No no no lies

    Lay me down tonight
    No lies
    Lay me down tonight
    Lay me down tonight
    Lay me, lay me, lay me, lay me down tonight

    Blood I want it Giving up the fight Blood I want it
    Lay me down tonight Blood i want it Take me to the sky Blood I want it Everything's alright now

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  • 00DAD

    That was disturbing in a spooky cool way!

    Thanks for sharing, loved it!

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Pretty intense young woman

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