Will homeowners insurance protect Jehovah's Witness Elders who conceal crimes and cause harm ?.... State Farm and others say: No...No coverage for "Willful acts".

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  • Balaamsass

    State Farm: Home Policy Has No Coverage for Sandusky Defense

    By Chad Hemenway, PropertyCasualty360.com

    July 24, 2012 • Reprints

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    NU Online News Service, July 24, 11:14 p.m. EDT

    Convicted child abuser Gerald Sandusky has looked to his homeowners insurer, State Farm, for defense and indemnity costs related to his criminal trial and a civil lawsuit filed against him.

    On July 18, State Farm filed to have a federal judge declare the company has no obligation to defend the former Penn State University assistant football coach in any criminal case, and it does not have any duty to defend or indemnify Sandusky in a civil case naming his charity, The Second Mile, as a defendant.

    Sandusky has been found guilty on 45 of 48 counts related to the sexual abuse of boys.

    The insurer has been providing a defense to Sandusky for the civil action filed in November 2011—shortly after Sandusky was first charged with sex crimes—involving his charity for children with dysfunctional families, according to court documents filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

    State Farm says it issued a “reservation of rights letter” to Sandusky, which informs a policyholder that an insurer may eventually deny coverage for all or part of the claim.

    According to court documents, State Farm began insuring the Sandusky home in State College, Pa. in April 1985. It is primarily a property coverage policy with limited personal liability coverage applying only to bodily injury caused by an occurrence.

    The policy “excludes coverage for bodily injury that is intentionally caused by the policyholder” and it does not cover injury due to “willful and malicious acts of the policyholder.”

    Penn State and its primary General Liability insurer, Pennsylvania Manufacturer’s Association Insurance Co. (PMA), have filed lawsuits against each other over legal expenses.PMA says it has no duty to defend the school.

    Penn State and United Educators—reportedly the writer of the university’s Educators Legal Liability coverage—are currently not waged in litigation. The insurer may pay the school to take care of certain covered aspects of the policy, but it is doubtful the insurer will be picking up any of the costs related to settlements of civil lawsuits.

    Shortly after Sandusky was convicted, Penn State asked victims to participate in a program to resolve Sandusky-related claims against the school.

    The funds will likely come from the school’s captive insurer, Nittany Insurance.

    Yesterday the NCAA fined the Penn State University $60 million and imposed a four-year postseason ban on its football program while reducing the number of scholarships it can issue. The association also stripped former head coach Joe Paterno of all wins from 1998 to 2011.

    An independent investigation by a firm led by Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI, concluded that “in order to avoid the consequences of bad publicity, the most powerful leaders at Penn State University (including Paterno) repeatedly concealed critical facts relating to Sandusky’s child abuse from the authorities, Board of Trustees, Penn State community and the public.”

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    When my husband insisted on taking the sister who had a baby under the age of one to the meetings the sister WOULD NOT PUT THE CHILD in a car seat PERIOD!!!

    I still wonder why not? I mean what mom in her right mind would endanger her child like that. It was just totally crazy.

    I wonder if she was hoping that we would get into an accident so she could sue us for allowing her to be so stupid. The first couple of times we took her she did have a car seat but then it disappeared and I never got a straight answer as to where it went. I offered to buy a car seat for her since she said she had no money was on welfare had been all of her life with all of her kids she had and all of them had different fathers. She got every hand out she could from the government and had always been around the truth looking for handouts from anyone who she could guilt into giving her one.

    When I offered the car seat she got all upset at me telling me her child did not like and would not ride in one.

    My husband and I fought and fought over it. One time on the way to picking her up a car blew through a stop sign and almost T-boned us. I was yelling at my husband that if she had been in the car even though we had not been hit the child would have went flying because my husband had to break so fast. Nothing I said made any impact on my husband. My husband was an elder and he was assigned to pick her up by the body of elders thus my husband felt it was his duty period and she being at the meetings was the most important thing in the world. My mental heath and stress as his wife did not mean as much to him as it did that this sister was at the meetings.

    I told my husband that our car insurance would not cover a accident even if we were not at fault because we were breaking the law. My husband said no she was and she was the mother and so what were we supposed to do. I SAID TO NOT PICK HER UP AND LET HER RIDE WITH US!!!!!

    It all fell on deaf years so I called the insurance company handed the phone to my husband and they told him they were going to drop us unless he stopped letting her ride with us.

    He stopped taking her after that. but it really affected out marriage as I was just a dumb wife who worked her butt off to pioneer and I knew nothing over a welfare entitlement low life in the hall.


  • Balaamsass

    I know the Fremont California Elders are having a melt right now because of this. I hope Elders everywhere think about this, and then do the right thing...CALL THE POLICE.... NOW!

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Lits said:

    "It all fell on deaf years so I called the insurance company handed the phone to my husband and they told him they were going to drop us unless he stopped letting her ride with us."

    Lol! He was an elder? Wow... Truly the blind leading the blind, as any adult who operates a motor vehicle should know they are responsible for the safety of all the occupants, ie the driver can be ticketed if a passenger doesn't wear a seat-belt, accident or not.... The idea that one's homeowners policy would cover legal defense costs is pretty funny, tho, and ignorant: nice try, Sandusky....

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    some homeowner's policies will cover legal expenses if you get sued because someone got hurt on your property. The difference here is that Sandusky was a criminal predator rather than a normal homeowner who had the misfortune of having someone fall down his front steps and break an arm.

  • james_woods

    I find it thoroughly incredible (and arrogant) that this jerk would even try to make a claim on his homeowner's insurance.

  • Gayle

    what kind of insurance do kingdom halls carry? I understand it would handle accidental circumstance,,but a pedo cannot claim it was "accidental!"

    is the 'appeal' including the Fremont Cong.? I thought it was just for the 'punitive,' applied just to the WTS of NY.

    The Fremont Cong. got a lawsuit of 27% of the $7M= $1,890,000. Is that being contested or appealed? Does an insurance take care of this? Or will the WTS pay for this ??,,aside from the appeal?

  • baltar447

    dafuq is this YORWW crapola? idk what you're smoking but it must be good!

  • DaCheech

    Are elders dumb enough to not see this as a sign?

    The society throws 1 or 2 under the bus, and the other cong. elders don't see themselves being thrown under the bus?

    I'm glad years ago that I not only rejected that title, but stepped down as MS............. best decision of my life, next to having my children!

  • Gayle

    Aaaaa,,that's okay,,I'll just ask Barbara next time!!

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