The best way to make a lot of money for XJWs

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  • iamwhoiam

    Yeah..the ones i copied and pasted are older strategies..but they still work. I have a client that works for (represents) a mlm company, he turns out about $1.8m per year after his 2nd year. I told him I wasn't interested in the business, but was curious to know how he made his money so fast. He said he never sold a product/service in his life. He just sells the hype about making money from mlm. He holds seminars for new recruits (puts ads in the paper for them in all sorts of different towns and cities) and gets them all fired up to want to join up...he holds these seminars once a month and hires different motivational speakers...rinse and repeat.

    my mother tried to go door to door, visit friends and family in order to sell products/services as well as "share" with them how to start there own distributorship, and make a ton of bank. it was rare that ever happened. she spent way more money on it than she made.

  • cyberjesus

    Yes that amount of money he makes is for speaking and sharing his experience only. Now the people who do the business can make the same amount I know personally in over 20 people who are doing over 100k a month and over 50 that are over 15k.

    The business has change and evolved so much due to technology. Right now is the best time ever to get involved since now we have youtube, cell phones, facebook text messaging and Ipads.

    The key for success is to follow the system.. The problem is that WE tend to want to make our own system... Ive seen it over and over so what I know focus is in teaching people to stick to the system..... and is doing wonders..

    This is a real community service that pays.

  • DesirousOfChange

    This seems like SPAM from a loyal member from 2009.

    Go peddle your Amway (or vitamins, or whatever) somewhere else PLEASE!

  • EndofMysteries

    This post is how to make CyberJesus a lot of money vs everybody here. If Cyberjesus signed up all EXJWs into a MLM he'd make a lot of money. Those who sign up under him, will have to go out to the streets and find people and will not make much.


  • cyberjesus

    DOC: ok you say this seems like spam.... The thing is... It isnt... Im not peddling either, nor I sell amway nor vitamins.... So i find your statement voided of any valuable information.

    You say "go away".... But i didnt force you to come in this thread nor to read nor to post.... You dont like it..... Dont participate.

    I am sharing with the exjws who are looking for a source of income what i have learned... Exiting the cult makes it hard for you to make a living.. And I found a way to make a good living. Therefore i share it here... Do you have a problem....with that?

  • cyberjesus

    EOM: your response sounds like a very good expeculation... But that its all it is.... You dont know me nor my motives nor intentions so i think is rather foolish to state it in a public forum. But if you offer any proof i am willing to discuss it.

    However i must say that the purpose is like i said before... To help others.... To make it productive in many ways to access this forum..

    This is for the people who are looking...not for the ones not looking...

  • cyberjesus

    However I am game... If you have any questions im here to answer them.

  • Diest

    Not all MLMs are scams, there are some very long standing companies that do well with it. Melaleuca comes to mind, has been around for 30+ years and has a billion in revenue.

  • maisha

    now i am out i go to the casino, love playing poker.

  • j dubb
    j dubb

    Not all MLMs are scams, there are some very long standing companies that do well with it. Melaleuca comes to mind, has been around for 30+ years and has a billion in revenue.

    And virtually nobody makes any money at it. Their profits are from people becoming 'distributors' having to buy overpriced products. Consider the following:

    • The nonprofit Consumer Awareness Institute analyzed available data published by the MLM companies themselves. Of the companies surveyed, they reported the least successful was Amway/Quixtar where 99.99% of distributors lose money, and the most successful was Herbalife, where 99.42% of distributors lose money.
    • They also surveyed 200 tax preparers in three counties in Idaho and Utah, where 6% of residents are active network marketing participants. From over 300,000 tax returns, not a single one reported significant profits from network marketing activities.
    • In a Wisconsin lawsuit, the tax returns of the top 200 of 20,000 network marketing participants were examined by the Attorney General. The average income of this top 1% was -$900.
    • Newsweek found that less than 1% of MonaVie distributors ever qualified for any commission at all, and less than 1 in 1,000 recovered the cost of their required monthly purchases.
    • On average, 99.95% of network marketers lose money. However, only 97.14% of Las Vegas gamblers lose money by placing everything on a single number at roulette.

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