I got sick message from my brother :/

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  • Kaiser

    Thanks for replies guys, appriciate it.

    And sorry, i forget to mention that i received this mail about 3 months ago. During that time i was

    too broken to tell my story anywhere. Here´s the aftermath.

    I sent it forward to one elder of my congregation and also to my mother. Next morning i got

    mail from my brother. He was sorry and told that he didn´t even remember sending those as

    he was really drunk

    I did forgive him. You see, i love him and there is no way i could cause problems to him.

    I also told him that i send it forward to mom and *elders name* and there could be consequences.

    And what happens next? He hacked inside mom´s email and delete the mail before my mom could read it!

    Elder contacted me, said that email was horrible and did not have clue who could it be.

    I replied: you dont have to be Einstein to figure it out.

    Well in the end my brother confessed. Two elders visited his home and they got my mail printed.

    When they asked about smoking&betting, he lied and said it was something he did back in

    junior highschool. And thats it! Then they start asking about my faith! There was no consequences for

    my brother.

    I dont really get him. He gamble, smoke´s etc. On the other side of coin he regularly attends

    meetings and activities. Maybe thats why he is drinking so much, living in conflict..

    But im not gonna talk about religious thing with him, could get another similar mail...

    During this episode i was travelling abroad. So, coupple days before homecoming, i sent email

    to same elder, that i dont want any shepherds into my house. Luckily they have respected my wishes

    and left me in peace... so far.

    Currently, im walking on the razor´s edge. I have wordly girlfriend and im intend to keep it secret.

    And as much i would like to leave this cult -which has caused me lot of pain since i was born- i

    have some really good witnesses friends, i want them to get their eyes opened too.

    Oh and there is board for ex-jw for my language. Problem is, there is not much witnesses in this

    country and i have reliable knowledge that elders are monitoring it. I rather write my story here.

    btw. how do i change my avatar? That flying spaghettimonster looks so stupid...

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Your brother is playing their game. As long as he is lying and kissing their asses, they'll treat him like a princess.

    "But im not gonna talk about religious thing with him"

    Good idea. Your brother has a serious drinking problem. If the elders want to shepherd someone, they need to shepherd him.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    kaiser - i reached out to the only aunt i have whose never been baptised when I left. That's a good connect to have. Maybe she can support you and be there for you.

  • whathappened

    Kaiser, go out and make something good of your life and don't worry about these JW's. Put yourself first.

  • ziddina

    Kaiser, if I were you, I'd contact the relatives who are NOT Jehovah's Witnesses and make friends with them, as long as they don't have any major problems that could drag you down.

    If your Non-Jehovah's Witness relatives have issues that make it difficult or dangerous for you to maintain contact with them, then look around to make friends with those so-called "worldly" people - and again, pay attention to their character. You want to make good friends, not people who will be nasty to you.

    It will take some work, as your Jehovah's Witness family have only shown you hateful behavior. You need to understand or learn that you deserve to be treated fairly and with consideration - something that your JW father apparently never was christian enough to do.

    I sincerely hope that you find good-hearted family members and friends who will support you during this trying time.


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