Anybody have a hi-res scan of a district conv badge?

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  • jws

    Anybody have a hi-res scan of a distict convention badge? Good enough that I can print it and have it pass for a real badge at first glance? PM me if you don't want to post here and I can give you an e-mail.

    So a couple of weeks ago, I get this tract in my door and it has dates and times for what I can only assume will be a district convention. 3 days, so I assume it's one. Yesterday, an ex-JW friend of mine got one too, but his date/time/location thing is just a sticker stuck on.

    I was home when this got left on my door, but I didn't hear any knocking or the doorbell. What are they, afraid to talk to people? Or are they on some mad campaign to hit every residence and don't have time to stop to talk to anybody? What about the costs of all those tracts? Or do they have a list of ex-JWs and are dropping them off only with them? Both me and my friend grew up in a congregation 1000 miles away and if they know where we both live, their intelligence is better than I thought.

    I also thought it strange that there was a sticker that listed the times of all 3 days. What's up with that? Did some local decide that? I thought they used to only invite the public to the public address on Sunday. Quite frankly, if they realize there should be a public and private Watchower, they should know better than to invite the public to the other talks. What's the theme this year? I'm sure it'll be filled with a bunch of "stay loyal", "avoid the internet" type paranoid things that'll make the public go on cult-alert if they hear it. That's why they only got invited to the one talk in years past. Is this new?

    Anyways, the thing started today and it's probably only 15-20 minutes away. I'm busy tomorrow, but hell, maybe I'll go check it out Sunday. Just to see what the state of things are and see what "new light" gets revealed on Sunday. And I'm interested in a badge to blend in.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I doubt you would need a badge to blend in. Just drape your suit jacket over your arm and don't worry about it.

    The following is a joke, but think about it-

    If you think you really need a badge, print this:

  • jws

    LOL. Maybe I should wear a Sparlock shirt too. It'll go good with my green bible (with the dinosaurs on the inside cover map) and maroon song book.

    I always kind of wanted to go to an assembly and then go be the kind of JW they always warned us not to be. I don't know whether this was universal, but it always seemed like leading up to and after assemblies, we got lectured about bad conduct that happened that besmirched the reputation of the JWs and/or risked their ability to find hotels willing to give us discounts.

    I'm guessing that due to where I live in a major city, it's mostly locals and few are opting for hotels like where I grew up. I remember when we had to travel about 90 miles and almost everyone stayed in a hotel and when we'd visit friends at other hotels, you couldn't help but run into at least a dozen other JWs. I had this idea of going into a hotel, dressed the part of a JW, including the badge to prove I was one. And then doing all the things that would make JWs cringe. Like maybe going to the hotel bar, getting drunk, smoking, asking the bartender where I could go to find a hooker, just playing the part of what the JWs picture as typical "worldly" people. Maybe I could spawn a "local needs" talk all by myself. And I'm 1000 miles away from where any JWs I knew would recognize me.

    What was the name of the kid from Superbad? McLovin'? That can be the name on my badge.

  • QueenWitch

    green bible and maroon sb. I just got flashbacks

  • EmptyInside

    They are giving everyone an invitation.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    Brother Sparlock - that would be a great name to put on your badge

  • Iamallcool

    finally awake, good idea!

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