Perhaps the cruelest lie of all: resurrection of your loved ones

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  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Clarity said:

    If then, it is a recreation ... the body that is running around looking 'like' you .... isn't in fact you! It is a new somebody else, who just looks like you used to look. So as jw's we would miss out on living again anyway. You are still dust and a new guy just takes your place!

    Hate to break it to you, Clarity, but your body now is not composed of many of the same atoms/molecules/cells that you were made of, even 10 years ago. Your body constantly undergoes a rebuilding/replacement process on the cellular level, with old cells being cast off (in feces/urine, as dust, etc) and being replaced by new ones.... Most (likely 98%) of your cells regenerate over a period of about 10 years.

    The thinking is that neurons in parts of the cerebral cortex never regenerate, and DNA also does not regenerate (but degrades, due to damage which may lead to the signs of aging, cancers, etc). Cardiomyocyte cells in the heart regenerate at a degenerative rate, so that after your life less than half will have replenished.

    But those rare exceptions aside, it is mostly accurate to say that after a few years, you are almost an entirely new person.

  • WTWizard

    This is a common scam within Christi-SCAM-ity. Promise that loved ones are in heaven or awaiting a resurrection, and you have to join their religion and be faithful in order to ever see them again. That way, people have more false hope to hold onto. Problem: You have to wait until you die in order to find out that it was a lie.

  • FlyingHighNow

    My brother died when I was 17. I had been living with my sister, who was studying with the JWs, at the time. I got lured into discussions for months before he died. He died April 3rd. It was mid June that I decided to study. I didn't think his death had anything to do with finally being snowed. Now I think that was part of it. I think it's bad that the witnesses prey on grieving people, to peddle their cult. I must say though, I'm not one who believes this life is all that there is.

  • smiddy

    I was in a book study group in the 60`s, the study conductor had a young family ,I think 5 children ,early teens to early 20`s .the study conductor had a heart attack and died ,he was in his 40`s...... fast forward approximately 10 years at a convention, one of his daughters, who would be in her mid teens then was convinced she saw her resurrected father who didn`t recognise her , she was near to having a nervous breakdown ,it caused quite a commotion. I beleive his wife died faithfully hoping to be reunited with her husband in the new system of things.

    None of their children are active witnesses today.

    His wife was one of those special people,a lovely person ,genuine and caring who died clinging to the hope of the resurrection.


  • cyberjesus

    Is it a lie if they really believe it to be true? Are they lying? or are they misguided?

    Is it evil if they have good intentions?

    Is it cruel if they themselves belief it to be true?

    I used to teach resurrection to people... and I can tell you that I was not lying. I was not evil and I was not cruel. I was misguided, I was caring and I had the best intentions.

    So I dont think is a cruel lie. I think is a stupid unfounded statement with good intentions.

  • jookbeard
  • jookbeard

    a shocking doctrine not supported by twisting even the most remote scripture in the Bible, up there with the Adam and Eve fable/the Flood/Miracle Wheat/Beth Sarim and 1975, makes you wonder how so called educated intelligent people accept it.

  • Sulla

    ANY claim of a resurrection hope is JACKED up, since the idea of a soul is another figment of the imagination, with no basis on which to base such a belief. It's right up there alongside leprechauns, Space Ghosts, terrestrial ghosts, demons, angels, spirits (Holy or otherwise).

    Well, that settles it, then. Plato was clearly an idiot. Good to see you know better.

  • Sulla

    Jookbeard, to be fair, a very JW-like resurrection does seem to be the general idea during the Second Temple period.

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