JWs "Encourage" Their Youth To Invest In The Full Time Ministry And Not Go To College so....

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  • minimus

    if that's the case, IDEALLY, we should all be preachers and never college students or college grads. But here's the problem for those that adhere to that viewpoint: JW's should not sponsor anyone that has gone to college. If you support such ones, it should be conscientously objectionable. How can you tell your child, "I don't want you being a doctor or lawyer but it's ok if you, as a Witness, goes to a doc or attorney. Elders will get removed for suggesting their children go to "higher education" yet, if they get sick or they get sued, the immediately run to those with higher education to get them out of trouble. Hypocrites!!!

  • carla

    yeah, well that's only because we must work in this evil worldly system as it is now. When the big A hits we won't need dr's or lawyers.........That's what my jw would say.

  • carla

    oops, that should be 'in the new system' pardon my non jw lingo.

  • turtleturtle

    I always point out that to become an Registered Nurse, you need a 4 year degree (HIGHER EDUCATION!!!).

    Oh, but becoming a nurse is naughty!!!

  • turtleturtle

    The upcoming article states that Pioneering is a protection. Really? Almost half of my spouse's pioneer school ended up disfellowshipped within 1-6 years. No joke.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    It's no different from how Bethel's Legal Dept fights for the WT's right to freedom of religion and free speech, but don't support an individual members right to exercise both if they're not saying exactly what they want them to say, or not worshiping exactly as they want to do do.

    Same story, different name, of any other Worldly organization that fights for their own place in the Sun, looks out for their special-interests, but throws their own under the bus...

  • minimus

    All wellsaid!!

  • apostatethunder

    That is a testimony of their own mediocrity, otherwise they would have nothing to fear from educated people.

  • blondie

    It supports their doctrine that works earn everlasting life.

  • WTWizard

    This also goes for starting a full-time job, such as apprenticeship. At some point, people need to learn to function in the real world, and the washtowel is trying to stop that. Whether one goes to college or starts working as an apprentice, one needs real world experience. One needs to be taught how to do things, and to develop one's talents. One needs to develop an eye for when things are working, especially in medicine. And that takes practice, college or none. One needs to practice under apprenticeship until one becomes competent, and then continue practicing to become even more competent. And unfortunately, you need a Rockefeller permit (meaning a degree that comes with a license) to do anything these days.

    The only problem I have with college these days is the debt trap. But, the alternative the witlesses give is pious-sneering. And that wastes so much money that one can get into just as much debt, ruined credit ratings, and so on. You waste money on gas and supplies, you have to work part time (you don't even get the chance to work as an apprentice), and that racks up debt. On top of that, they expect people to go into debt to pay for Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund donations.

    Additionally, pious-sneering leads to stagnation. A good education helps one to broaden out. You are forced to study things you otherwise would have missed out on, and that can broaden out your mind. You learn to live beyond your parents' reach. You make your mistakes--getting drunk on a Sunday night, staying up too late the Thursday before a major midterm, and learn the results. Or, you do the right thing and study, get to bed at a reasonable hour on test night, and learn from that. You make your own decisions, for good or bad, you live with the results. And in college, the result of flunking a midterm is not as bad as losing your income. Or, you could work as an apprentice--learning what you do well in, learning a business skill, learning something you could use for barter in case the dollar becomes worthless. But, what do you get for pious-sneering? Learning to say a short canned sermon at every door?

    Independent of the money, an education (whether a formal Rockefeller college education or simply spending lots of time online researching various topics) is going to be a better return on your time and money investment. You develop something every time you research something, whether or not you agree with what you read. You read something that goes against what you believe, and either you find new facts or learn not to believe everything you read. (Or both.) With pious-sneering, you learn merely to obey the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger. Education can take you wherever you wish to go, even if only online or through books. Pious-sneering usually only takes you around the territory that much more. And the enrichment provided by education, whether college or online, is something that cannot be measured merely in monetary terms.

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