You can now download (pdf) Plaintiff's Response to WT's Request for a New Trial

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  • Scott77

    ''It reminded me of Boston Legal, with the WT being the less accomplished loosing legal team that gets torn apart by James Spader".

    What happened with that legal case? Is there an internet link to the story? Whatever the outcome, it seems that the Watctower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses is afraid to use expensive worldly, satan-trained attorneys, individiduals they do not trust. By and large, the Watchtower prefer to use its own trained attorneys even though the later is satan-trained as well.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    This is a very cheap state. I am merely repeated what many legal professors told me. Whenever we discussed policy, three items were mentioned. First, California as the innovative state. Second, if a student points out CA's new take on a traditional black letter common law practice, the prof. responds "But, that is CA, it does not matter until NY or NJ decides to follow, then the other states get into line. If professor mentions California's lead in policy, professor is enlightened. Calfornia is very influential.

    YOur take on the bar exam is YOUR opinion. It would be much fairer and truer if you said you disagree with my opinion.

    To state that you alone can determine why CA is a hard bar, is total nonsense. To state that only your profs. or the law blogs you read are the ultimate judge is sheer craziness. I can offer opinions here without your correcting me factually. There is a big difference between fact and opinion. You know better. I know you do. Furthermore, you know that I know.

    Why don't you go back to being a law student and leave opining to admitted lawyers.?

    Thanks for explaining to the folks how appeals work. YOU KNOW BETTER. Play to the ignorant crowd ( a fraction of people here).

    State your opinions boldly but don't state I am factually incorrect. I doubt any conclusion is factual. It can only be conjectured and educated guesses. My guess is at least as vallid as your guest. I've been out this a lot longer than you have, honey. Read a Gilbert's or Sum and Substance.

    How do we resolve this matter? A duel midway? This forum has many loonies. I always respected you in the past. YOu just lost a lot of respect.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    If utter idiots want to believe I am so against Conti, go ahead. YOu are welcome to do so. Because I don't give a rat's a.. what people like you think.

    No case is perfect. No lawyer is perfect.

    When perfection exists, there is no need for legal process.

  • Scott77

    "...A slight part of me feels sorry for pedophiles. It must be very hard to live with it..."
    Band on the Run

    Hi BOTR,

    Please, what do you mean by that statement above? I do not to want to make an educated quess on that. By the way, how long do you think including Justitia Themis, this court thing will last? Please, make an educated quess on that.


  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    JESUS BOTR, take your meds! I AGREED with the majority of your comments and only nuanced it slightly. I bet people despise working with you.

    State your opinions boldly but don't state I am factually incorrect.

    You ARE factually incorrect. Your statement regarding CA. and its level of reliance on the Napoleonic code was wrong, period.

    Now, with Louisiana it is a blend of civil and common law, which makes the bar exam very hard for out of staters

    And since you were wrong on the Napoleonic Code and CA, the above statement is necessarily incorrect. ; )

    And I am rather familiar with the CA. Bar because my daughter passed it just two years ago. The CA. Bar has one of the highest fail rates in the nation...and most of the people who fail attended Cali. law schools. It has such a high fail rate because, at three full days, it is temporally the longest bar in the nation, and it is academically challenging.

    How do we resolve this matter? A duel midway? This forum has many loonies.

    You do realize, of course, that your statement doesn't make you look especially 'balanced.'

    Scott77: I just popped over here in between on-line practice exams; I take the MPRE (ethics portion of the Bar) tomorrow morning. However, I did find this:

    This attorney's website is visually irritating, at least to me, but he does a good job of outlining the civil trial process. Scroll down to post-judgment motions to review the WTBT's few, final options and what each motion is attacking.

  • Diest


    After reading this thread and another thread, you seem to read too far into what people say. You respond to a sentence with 8 paragrapghs. No one called you a pedo lover...

    Enjoy your time off.

  • blindnomore

    Splash, we used the same referance of 93 Awake artical to a Judicial Commettee who charged an innocent rape victim child of fornication. The JC closed their ears and did even bother to take look at the artical.

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