Lessons learned from CASABLANCA

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  • panhandlegirl

    I just happened to buy "Casablanca" a few days ago. I have seen the movie, but it's been years ago. I will watch it this week. My coworkers are all much younger than me and I am struck with the difference in expectations. Most

    of them don't really realize what a good life they have. They expect a lot. I don't believe they realize what their grandparents gave for them to have what they take for granted. They are good and giving people, but I just don't

    believe they know what their parent's and especially their grandparents have provided for them.

  • Finkelstein

    It seems now days politicians mostly run their campaign solely on how badly their opponents have been supposedly in the past,

    a kind of expressive fear mongering. They don't however focus a cumulative amount of positive good ideas,

    that put forward would be in the betterment of the population in general.

    The political game these days is more about tarnishing the image of your political opponents first and leave little

    toward their own constructive ideas of what they would do when they are placed in public office.

  • MrFreeze

    Love that movie. Valid observations about Rick. "Don't bring up Paris. It's bad salesmanship."

  • Terry

    Rick is not naive. He is smart enough to see with cynical clarity that wars are started by monsters and fought by martyrs. He prefers to ride out the duration and make a few bucks. Yet, the one person he values above his own self also values somebody above her own self and THAT person is an idealist whose

    cause is so pure and selfless Rick is shamed not to help them. Why? Because he has clarity and no illusions.

    Evil happens because good people do nothing. Rick can't be the good person who does nothing. I don't see this as self-sacrifice as much as I see

    it as a careful choice in which neutrality is evil.

  • Glander

    "Louie, I think this is the beggining of a long friendship..."

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