Disaster Relief Grab-bags For Witnesses

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  • EmptyInside

    It is a good idea to be prepared for a natural disaster. But,is the Watchtower Society selling these or are they going through a third party?

    In one congregation,they are taking orders for these,since I guess there is a group discount.

    There are other survival kits you can purchase. I found a cheaper one that included more than the one the Witnesses were offering.

    But,I only recently heard of this. I can't find it offered on their website yet. What are they up to now?

  • Glander

    Fantastic idea! Vertically integrated survival retail kits. You supply everything from the end of the world prophecy to the dehydrated beef stew and powedered eggs!

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    None of the above. They've been encouraged to put one together.

  • Glander

    They are missing a great opportunity. Dumb asses.

  • EmptyInside

    Well,then some Witness is making a profit. I know an elder who is ordering for others in the congregation. And then,another one from another congregation is putting the order in,sounds odd to me.

  • blondie

    This jw recommends these sites for disaster bags...I don't know for sure if these companies are owned by jws or if David Silver gets a kick back.


  • mind blown
    mind blown

    My daughter told me @ the time they were encouraged to put one together. Maybe that was her cong. and or maybe they were giving a choice and she left that part out? She lives in a low income area of New York.

  • zeb

    Having emergency supplies eh. Hmm what happened to the

    'Jehovah will provide' 'Trust in jehovah' 'Dont sore stuff because others will come in and steal it'.

    This is another complete turnaround.

    My wife has mentioned this situation of storage of stuff so it must have been mentioned at the KH.

    Who are they going to get to teach them what to pack? Anyone with any initiative is pushed out.

    Most JW are so bloody thick they would not know what to store. Unless they have been in the armed forces they are thick because of the above being hammered into them and being denied an education over the last generations.

    There is another aspect to this. Do you have the right to protect home, and kin and supplies from the bad people then?

    Perhaps if an enraged mob trashed NY bethel ? would we then see 'new light'?

  • FreedomsFighter

    It's their usual 'doomsay' prophecy wrapped up in urgency crap - they've been doing it since the 1800's - scaring people into staying with them, keeps them financially fluid and creates zombies unable - or too fearful - to use their own common sense.

    Besides, it's creating 'new wealth' for many of them, ripping off their fellow 'brothers and sisters'.

    I agree with someone elses' comment about whatever happened to them 'trusting in Jehovah'?

    My, my, how quickly they change the program when it suits them.

  • Balaamsass

    oooooohhhh perfect time for a JW "doomsday" web-site. Hey Barbra, Billy, Cedars, Simon and all you comedians and I.T. brains....look at all the fun you could have!

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