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  • binadub

    I remember everyone mentioned except the posters in this thread. Now I wonder if I would know you by a different moniker.

    Do you remember?

    Doc Bob
    Met him and his wife at a conference in Spokane. Remember his elaborate signature on Jesus_Witnesses (Jes-Wit)? We all got creative with signatures on the old e-mail lists.
    He currently has a blog: www.docbob.org

    Watchtower Observer
    Kent Steinhaug was the first person I ever sent an e-mail to. When first introduced to Internet in about 1995, first thing I plugged in was "Jehovah's Witnesses". I was stunned to see Websites like Watchtower Observer, All Along the Watchtower and Beyond the Watchtower. I was amazed at getting an e-mail reply back from Norway the same day. According to his Facebook, he may be living in Cyprus these days.

    Jesus Witnesses
    Joey Stagnitto. My first forum experience on Internet. He's still around but very low-key. He's friended on Greg Stafford's Facebook.

    Met him in person two or three times at BRCI (after he came out of the closet). He caused quite a stir on Jes-Wit when he was JWing.

    The all-time greatest shock wave to the Watch Tower Society imo. I would put it right along side Ray Franz's books for impact. Most exJW giants posted there in their hayday. Wonder where "Rick" is now?

    Why 1914
    BRCI Helpline, Marilyn Zweifel. It's still there. May be the last BRCI conference this year. It was great in its day (the '80s and '90s).

    Had quite a bit of private e-mail exchange with him before he began posting on forums. Wonder how he is doing now.

    Rizoli brothers:
    One of them still posts as RR on Channel C.

    I remember the early group of Philia (though I was not among the first). It finally got more popular and too rancorous, so I started a couple of my own lists. But earlier, it was on Philia that we planned and executed getting a WT private publication exposed.

    eva luna asked about AlanF:
    He was released from the hospital I think it was June 28. He went back to work almost immediately. Julie said he was doing fine, his heart had very little damage.

    Some that I remember (some met):



    Liberal Elder on H2O (was a JW apologist, but later started AJWRB).

    All Along the Watchtower (Jan Haugland aka JanH)

    Rational Witness (was a JW elder on H2O but eventually left).

    Doug (Farkel)

    Tom (TD)

    Beyond the Watchtower

    Paul Blizzard



    So many to remember, I know I'll think of some more. What a refreshing thread. Thanks.

    ~Binadub (aka Ros)

  • alias


    I set up an e-mail nearly 15 years ago to join one of your group lists. It was a 'lifesaver' to me at the time, when H2O was the wild west and this site didn't exist yet. I was falling out during my Witnet years and you provided a safety net for me at a critical time. Thank you.


  • Sheep2slaughter

    Doc Bob has the best,"shut up and leave me alone or I will bring a lawyer" letter I have ever seen.

  • binadub

    PM me and let me know who you were on my list. I had three: Beacon Room, Sub-Rosa Room and Concord Room. Which were you in?

    Victor_E: To know Praotes you must have been on the Jes-Wit e-mail list. Did you post by a different name? PM me if I would have known you and identify yourself.

    I'm amazed at how many have moved on and how many are still around.

    ~Binadub (Ros)

  • Victor_E

    Hi Ros,

    You were also one of the legendary Ex'es. I'm Victor Escalante we used to have lots of spiritied debates that would dragon on an on. It was the wild west lol

  • Victor_E

    Hi Scully, I remember you also I'm doing great well traveled and chilled out

  • binadub

    Victor: I'm trying to remember what we debated about. Was that the Jes-Wit forum?


  • Farkel

    binadub (ros) has a more complete list of a blast from the past, and yes, I knew almost all of them.

    : Do you remember?

    Doc Bob - yep

    Watchtower Observer - Kent had many of my articles on his site and we spoke on the phone for hours on a number of occassions. He was one of what I called "The Three Vikings" (from Norway). The other two, Jan Haugland and Norm Hovland were every bit as formidable as Kent.

    Jesus Witnesses - Yes, but I was not involved with them.

    Proates - I can't recall that person

    H20 - My best work was posted on that site. I wrote hundreds of topics for that forum.

    Why 1914 - Yep.

    Maximus - A friend of mine. We had countless conversations. He knew Latin, the Fine Arts, literature as was the consummate gentleman. He was also a former CO and DO who worked on the Paradise Lost Book and the Your Will book for the 1958 International Convention. He was baptized in the pond at Beth Sarim.

    That was a sorta golden age in the young world wide web and I was lucky to to be a part of it. We old-timers cannot over estimate the immense impact H20 had on the JW movement. It literally had the WT leaders click into the super paranoid mode and they've been that way ever since. All of the original anti-internet propaganda the WTS has published first started when H20 was raging, and I do mean "raging." It was one of the best times of my life. I was playing in the sandbox with ex-JW giants. (Greg Stafford excepted, but we fried his ass in that forum, too.)


  • Victor_E

    Sorry Ros I didn't mean I debated with you. It was a free for all one large public fight that anyone could join. A virtual fight club to find our own bliss lol

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    What about Ozzie Post? He used to be a prominent contributor to this forum.

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