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  • kokyong.soon3

    While we couldn't blame the WatchTower for depression,they on the other hand, exacerbate the illness.

  • Heaven

    The Watchtower constantly bombards their members with negativity. If you stay in the organization and believe in this crap, you have a very high chance of becoming ill. Both of my parents ended up with dementia. I truly believe that being a JW was a factor in this.

  • Phizzy

    In the therapy sessions I have been receiving of late, nothing has emerged as a cause as yet that is unrelated to my being born-in and raised in the religion.

    I blame the religion, true some underlying propensity toward developing depression may have been in me, but as with a lot of underlying problems, without the trigger it would not have been brought to the surface, now I have to bury it for good.

  • zeb

    ever hear any happy news in the KH ?

  • zeb

    and I meant to add this. The JW are as a group the unhealthiest people.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    It's interesting, as JWs deliver a horrific World-view message (i.e. "6.93 billion people are going to DIE, but the good news is you can survive and help us bury the bodies!"). That message tends to attract those despondent and depressed about the future of humanity, who actually see that mass murder might actually be as GOOD thing, relying on the old dualistic mindset of "evil" vs "good" people (thanks, Zoroaster for boiling it down to a simple dichotomy 2,500 years ago, one that any fool could grasp, esp after Xianity adopted the belief into their religion).

    JWs also share a belief that the "good news of the Kingdom" is a magical anti-depressant belief, which SHOULD make all true believers "happy". Hence any failure of the good news to relieve their depression is automatically viewed as the fault of the believer, who's simply weak in their faith, i.e. it's the classic "it's all your fault, you're doing something wrong!" response as seen throughout the Bible. Their advice is, "if you'd only believe stronger, I mean REALLY REALLY BELIEVE, then your depression would go away!!"

    JWs thus share a coping mechanism, and many ARE self-treating endogenous depression with it.

    However, it's no different from those who self-medicate their depression with alchohol, drugs, etc. Such methods work, until they don't.

    And asking other JWs about treating depression is not dissimilar from going to the neighborhood bar, and asking if it's a good idea to drink when you're feeling down. What do you THINK the answer from other alcoholics will be, since they're relying on the same strategy, too?

  • Finkelstein

    While we couldn't blame the Watchtower for depression, they on the other hand exacerbate the illness.

    Have to agree with that, I've known many JWs who committed suicide, mostly young teens and some adults.

    And also have heard of many JWs having other mental problems, Bipolarism etc.

    And I do think the constant proclamation and postulation that the world is going to be destroyed soon with the majority

    of the world inhabitants, is a probable direct result of this depression, human psychology as it is.

    Everything is dark, evil and dispassionately wrong in the indoctrinated mind of a JW.

  • Victor_E

    Any therapist worth their salt would tell you their constant mind programming causes depression. They create double binds that have no rational way out. In plain English they take away critical thinking to make wise personal choices. This leads to cognitive dissonance a form of an inner split. For example, "Jehovah's People live in a spiritual paradise" that statement if full of presuppositions such as.

    We are the only blissful place to live in

    If I feel depressed or bad I must not be spiritual enough

    If I see the political corruption in the congregation I must be suffering a Satanic seduction


  • Glander

    The JW religion is corrosive to a healthy, happy outlook on life. The younger one is when exposed the worse it gets.

    There are other reasons for depression of course. Brain chemistry being one. But when you get the perfect storm of an inate pessimist personality fed by the JW outlook, wow. You've got a recipe for a sad struggle in life.

    Coincidentally - The JW religion blossomed during the period called --- "The Depression"

  • blindnomore

    While we couldn't blame the WatchTower for depression,they on the other hand, exacerbate the illness.

    This may true but many are predisposed to depression.

    It is also true, for many, the Watchtower and its policies are the reason for the depression.

    Kokyong, You have a PM.

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