Candace Conti's Opposition to Watchtower's Motion for JNOV

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  • DNCall

    Now on the Alameda County Superior Court website. Guess who's going to win this one.


    Rick Simons isn`t someone to mess with..

    Unless the WBT$ can find a Judge who can`t Read..And..

    Is Mentally Disabled..

    WBT$ is going to get their Ass Kicked..


    ......................... ...OUTLAW

  • Scott77

    Please, can someone make copies and past here and we start analyzing the pieces?


  • Londo111

    I've peeked at these documents, but law, like accounting, is something my mind rebels attempting to cipher.

    Can somebody translate what is going on?

  • Scott77

    Please, PM justia and bands on the run. I think, these are the only attorneys here


  • mind blown
    mind blown

    it looks like Rick Simon's brief submission (which is common) for an appeal (telling his side) as to why the judgement appeal should not be appealed.

    I'm sure BOR or justia will correct me if I'm wrong.

  • cedars

    I'm no legal expert, but having briefly scanned the 18-page response to the Watchtower motion, I would say Rick Simons is well-and-truly on top of this. If the appeal gets lost for any reason, it won't be for want of trying!


  • DNCall

    As I understand it, this is a post-trial motion. It's purpose is to have the trial court reverse or reduce an unfavorable judgment and grant a new trial in the trial court. Regardless of the outcome, Watchtower has the right to then make an appeal to the Calfiornia State Court of Appeal.

    What strikes me about this is how Watchtower's legal department could have hired a law firm that specializes in this kind of action, if for no other reason than Mr. Simons' firm is very experienced in this area. Since this is the first time these issues have not settled out of court, Watchtower has never had to defend itself on this level.

    In reading both briefs you get the impression that the Watchtower's papers are narrow in scope compared to the broader arguments brought by Simons. Whereas Watchtower focuses on issues that may appear to favor them, Simons more thoroughly and accuratly revisits the primary matters at issue in the trial. Simons argues that Watchtower misinterprets case law in its motion.

    Also, a post-trial motion of this type puts Watchtower at odds with the judge and the court that it is challenging. That same judge will rule on Watchtower's motion. I believe Watchtower's reply to Simon's opposition is due next week. Should be interesting.

  • Gayle

    Watchtower's papers are narrow in scope compared to the broader arguments brought by Simons.

    I would assume, the WTS will try to find a 'technicality' to overturn this case. It is devastating when a criminal (though I know this wasn't a criminal case, is a civil) gets off on a technicality.

  • Indian Larry
    Indian Larry

    Can someone please post a link to Rick Simmons reply? – Thanks in advance!

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