Did You Have A Lot Of Meetings With The Elders?

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  • DesirousOfChange

    WAY TOO MANY when I was still serving as an Elder.

    Don't miss it at all.


  • blondie

    Twice...one I called with the elders (another congregation) with pressure from the CO on them.

    The other one did not turn out the way they expected...due to flawed information from others (lies) and it blowing up in their faces. They stopped it immediately. I learned from both occasions that elders lie to each other as well.

    Did not see God's hand in either event.

    As to being called back about my dress, etc., ha, I was always prepared with the current WTS policy strengthened with the CO's input. I learned too that one elder = his personal opinion and would say "does the BOE have this opinion?" and if he wavered, I knew that he did not have the BOE backing on it. What was best when I went to another elder, the PO especially, and asked about this "policy" and he always looked surprised at the elder as if saying, "we told you not to do this."

    I remember one sister telling me she had been counseled for wearing dark color nail polish...I pointed out that two elders wives did and their daughters and the CO's wife. So next time (soon, netx meeting) that elder tried to counsel her again and she pointed out the sisters who were wearing dark nail polish. He shut his mouth and walked away. Some elders are such bullies.


    In this congregation, thankfully not that often.

  • hijosdelawatch

    No, never. In fact I only have had 2 or 3 shepherding visits and I baptised a lot of years ago. Very few in the congregation had meetings with the elders. A lot of people faded there because the elders simply didn't pay attention.

    When I believed in all the JW stuff I was very sad about it. How could those in charge of spiritual protection be so negligent and unloving?

    Now I see as an advantage. At least I haven't so much pressure.

  • Thor

    I would be asked to go to the dreaded back room every now and then so they could give me carp about having low hours in service. They knew I worked six days a week but somehow that made no difference.

    I was a bad example for the Cong. so they little by little removed all of my privilages until I had none, which was cool with me except it was nice to have something to do. Although they never told me not to clean the kingdom hall. But I did get sick of the elders always giving me the stink eye.

    And then there were the times we got hauled in for little things the kids did and we were one of the better behaved families.

    They could just have a conversation with you but no, they have to make a public display out of it so every one wonders what kind of trouble you are in.

    Crazy, so glad not to have to deal with all the B.S.


  • minimus

    Just the thought or threat of dealing with the dreaded elders was enough for most people to shake.

  • Emery

    Never had a judicial committee, however, I did have a few back room discussions regarding gossip being spread about me or someone I was friends with.

  • Quirky1

    They had me there a couple of times and that was it... I actually think they were scared of me... The two times I was in there I let'em have it..

  • jamiebowers

    I don't remember the exact number, but it was more than a few. I wasn't called to the back room. It was either me or my crazy jw ex-husband going to the elders about his strange and violent behavior like buying porn magazines, performing autofelatio, and beating me and threatening my life. He was counseled to control himself, and I was told to be a better wife.

  • dazed but not confused
    dazed but not confused

    Yes. I was baptized at 13 and at abt 15 was in my first for telling a punk ass kid that was studying to "f*ck off" He was a rat that was just looking for a fight.

    then at 17 for making out with a girl. they asked if there was any other "physical" contact and i said yes. they wanted details... under or over the shirt... under or over the bra... it was under it all but i was scared and told em over the shirt. (didnt know abt the 2 witness thing)

    then again at abt 19 or 20 for under age drinking and huffing gas with other witness friends when we were 17 or so. my friends consciences got the better of them and they told their elders. then those elders got a hold of my elders (i had moved abt 4 hrs away) they said because i wasn't doing it any more and i was repentant they would let it go as long as i kept my nose clean. then my last one was a JC where i was publicly reproved for drunkeness. I went to them for help and all i got was a slap on the hand and that embarrassing anouncement....but it woke me up to TTATT

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