How many have read Gunnar Samuelsson's Crucifixion in Antiquity?

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  • Emery

    I understand where you are coming from mP, and im not trying to debate you on that matter. I was just trying to keep this particular topic from getting out of context :) I have read Bart Ehrman's new book about the historical Jesus and he makes many points against the popularity of Jesus "mythicism" among the agnostics and humanists. I tend to agree with his arguments rather than the position of Robert Price on the NT. I know Robert Price is a big proponent of the Mythicism position.

  • EdLouisiana

    Apologies if this is an old thread, but I found an ecopy (pdf), I've skimmed through it and I'm reading it now. Very exhaustive, but I think he's off the mark with his conclusions about anaskolopizw and anaskindaleuw, even though the former became associated with Roman crucifixion early on in the first century (Philo).

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