"Do J W's HAve Women Ministers? Sept 1st Watchtower 2012

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  • Sheep2slaughter

    @Kurtbethel: One who uses language so deceptively CANNOT be trusted. Watchtower does that stuff all the time. Look at how they lied to Bulgeria with their clever verbal acrobatics...liars.

  • InquiryMan

    Even the question is rendered quite differently in the Norwegian edition of the magazine:

    Do women who are Jehovah´s witnesses take part in teaching?

  • elderelite

    As a small side note blondie, study slips were done away with years ago

  • Phizzy

    SBF ! I have the New Light for them so they can appoint women to the mundane jobs officially ! it could go something like this :

    "After a deep and prayerful consideration of the scripture in Romans 16 v1, which reads, "I recommend to you Phoebe our sister, who is a minister (Gk Diakonos) of the congregation that is in Chenchreae ......" we have concluded that in the 1st century women of good standing such as Phoebe were used as special "helpers" within the congregations, this evidently with the Holy Spirit's approval.

    Starting from the new service year and subsequent to the regular Circuit Overseers visit appointments will be made of such worthy women to assist the Ministerial Servants in their work, the Ministerial Servants will thus have more time for spiritual matters as they strive to qualify to serve as Elders. We are sure you will support this blessing from Jehovah which will spread the heavy load of responsibility, ensuring good progress for all"

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