What is the Actual Purpose of Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • chapstick

    From the time I was a kid I knew something wasn't quite right about Jehovah's Witnesses. Most of the family on my mom's side are still in. I'm treated reasonably decent by them due to the fact that I was never baptized. I've spent the years after leaving doing research on their origins, dogma, financial standing and anything else I can find. I love my family and I'm mad as hell that they have been snookered and brainwashed. Like many of you I'm fascinated with religious history and origins, secret societies and ancient knowledge. One thing I found that many aren't aware of are the ties to the British Royal family through B'nai Brith' and the British Israel Society. The JW's were actually financed and set up through the royal families and Israeli elites via the Church of England for the specific purpose of supporting the Zionist movement during London's involvement with establishing the Israeli state. This evolved into support for a London based oliarchal world government diguised and promoted as Gods New World Order in the Watchtower publications. When disdain in Europe and England toward Jews began growing in the 20's, the Jehovah's Witnesses began changing their position toward them and their Zionist ideas. This is reflected noticeably in their literature along with the warnings of the time of the end and great destruction, just what may transpire shortly if the Iranian, Syrian, Palistinian and Israeli's are pushed into conflict with Russia and the US. Russia has already said that outside intervention into Syria or Iraq would be met with the force of the Russian military. This level of conflict will surely bring in the Chineese. According to Prince Phillip, the Green Movement that he established and the majority of the aristocricy the world population needs to quickly be reduced to less that 2 billion souls. Prince Phillip recently stated that he wished to be re-incarnated as a virus in order to infect and reduce the population of 'useless eaters'. This idea of population reduction and Armageddon fit's neatly with a final war encited by sociopaths in London, Israel, Washington and Wall St. With the Vatican supporting them under the table like they did Hitler. The British royal family actually believes that they are members of the Lost Tribes, the direct descendents of King David and King Solomon and have been chosen as a family bloodline to rule and govern the world. The Israeli elite and ruling class take strong exception to this usurpation of their god given (sic) covenant and inheritance.
    As you're aware the current big scandal with the JW's as well as the Vatican and Church of England is their involvement in child molestation and cover up. The recent, illegal multi-trillion dollor bailout of the Vatican Bank, Wall ST. and the other European central banks by Washington and the multi-billion dollor theft through Londons LIBOR banking establishment. These countries and groups work closer together in common cause than one might think. Lots going on with them in this area and they all need a way out. The way out for the JW's, the Vatican, Washington, Wall St., London and Israel is WW3. The destruction of all of the enemies of Israel as well as those of it's surrogate the United States like Syria, Iran, Russia and China, the re-establishment of the corrupt money system for the British Empire and the JW's prophecy of Armageddon. After the war the hopefully forgotten history of pedophelia in the Catholic church and Jehovah's Witnesses could be re-enabled, perhaps even glorified. This is why the Watchtower Society is cashing in their property and building farms for the W.T. elite. Remember, even Rutherford had bomb shelters and bunkers built in the 30's. God only knows how deep and how big all of their survival spaces are now. These people are true psychopaths and plan or riding out the nuclear holicost that they themselves instigate! All very convenient for them in their current hour of desperation.

    Hope this is info you can use. If there's anything I can help you with as a former insider, please let me know. I'd appreciate any new or profound information that you run across. Hopefully something will turn up that will finally convince my family and others that they've been had.

    For more direct information about the cliff the world is teetering on and what we can do, see this: http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=vWo742Diaf0

    Jack Chapman
    Anderson, SC

  • Glander

    "Find a need and fill it"

    What is the Actual Purpose of McDonalds ?

    Think of it as Amway on steroids

  • kurtbethel

    According to the Revelation Climaxxx (spiritual pornography) book, Jehovah's Witnesses are the locusts from the Abyss that are sent forth to torment humanity.

    I can go along with that.


    The WBT$ is a Boil..

    O n the..

    Ass of Religion..

    ............................... ...OUTLAW

  • justmom

    Thanks for that info. Interesting stuff....

    Something about this religion that was revealed to me is that Russell was never supposed to organize and create a publishing company for ANY reason. This religion is a mixture of many beliefs as others know already (adventism, omish etc..)

    Remember they have refined themselves over the years and perfected it into the so-called truth. Leaving off certain doctrines and holidays.

    The truth gets brighter ( blahblahblah) of course it doesn't. TRUTH is always TRUTH

    This entity (WTBS) makes itself as an image of a wild beast decribed in revelation. It puts people back under Law and compels them to bow down to it. ( the head with the death stroke that was healed) returning to Judaism.....yet called themselves christians.

    It is truly a form that enslaves Israel all over again. And denies them access into the new covenant by allowing them to partake of the manna and blood (CHRIST) making themselves an anti-christ!!!

    The hired men (GB and those on top) don't care one bit about the sheep and turn them over to the wolves in sheeps clothing. (local elders who run the local congregations)

    They abuse and scatter the sheep. True evidence of what we see on this board.

    Theis organization calls themselves the TRUTH (which is really the christ) "I am the way and the truth".....

    and "the visible representation of the lord on earth".... Proclaimers book. (That takes nerve)

    and they play your mediator.... "If you don't come through us you will not live forever and we will make sure you lose your jobs, families, and reputation" and labele you apostate to keep others in fear of you!!!

    For many of us they became as Hebrews says " We were under men in charge until the appointedtime" But NOW is the time! We can be FREE!!!! free of them and go to the one that will truly care about us, love us, heal us and now lead us in truth. We do not need religion, (the visible) Jah doesn't dwell in handmade temples any more.

    So, we can all use our experiences and pain to be strong for one another and keep the faith! Live our lives the way we know we were taught. NOT the way they said we should do....

    With love to ALL of you regardless of what you have been through and are today,



    Your opening question proposes an assumption that is not founded in reality.

  • cyberjesus

    False premise.... nobody created the JWs therefore no purpose... you mean the purpose of individual members?

  • chapstick

    CyberJ, How do you know this? Is it just an assumption? Do you really want to know? You should do personal research ad nausium. If you don't want to know, that's ok too.

    You can begin here:


  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Well said, Just Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cyberjesus

    CyberJ, How do you know this? Is it just an assumption? Do you really want to know? You should do personal researchad nausium. If you don't want to know, that's ok too.

    You can begin here:


    Oh my bad... how did I miss that... Its all a conspiracy.. The JW were created with a Purpose. I must do personal research Ad Nausium.....

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