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    Rose has a tough time adjusting to life back in dull Kent Springs after the whirlwind New York trip. Even more troubling is the distance Wyatt is keeping. However, when he slips her a mysterious note reading “Operation Happiness”, Rose is intrigued. Share her journey in Happiness: How to Find It, chapter twenty-two.


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    Rose’s feelings for Wyatt are more tangled than ever as the pair continue work on Operation Happiness. As his work moves into dangerous and confusing territory, Rose wonders how Wyatt can be so concerned about the happiness of others, while ignoring hers? Read on in Chapter 23 of “Happiness: How to Find It.”


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    A traumatic encounter with elder Jasper Green leads Rose to make an illuminating discovery about her shrouded past. Read 'Happiness: How to Find It', chapter 24.


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    Still reeling from the shocking revelation of her tragic past, Rose seeks out the one person she thinks will understand, Wyatt True. However, the long night holds yet even more startling surprises for the country girl. By morning, she’ll question if everything she ever knew was true. Happiness: How to Find It, continues with a staggering chapter 25.



    Also my publisher is running a contest where you can win a signed copy of my new novel 'Paradise Earth: Day Zero' and an Amazon gift card.

    It involves photographing yourself in front of a Kingdom Hall with the cover of the book. LOL.


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    Rose, feeling scorned by Wyatt, turns him over elder Jasper Green. However, on the night Wyatt must meet with a congregation committee to decide his fate, Rose begins to have second thoughts. Did she do the right thing? Read an emotionally charged, chapter twenty-fix of ‘Happiness: How to Find It’!



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    I'm literally on the edge of my seat after reading the latest installment!

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    If you still want to marry me, meet me in the court house in five days. Rose contemplates what she’ll do as Wyatt faces the dire fate of being kicked out of the religion and estranged from the young sister. The hardest choice she’ll ever have to make is between true love and “true” religion. Read the breathtaking chapter twenty-seven of Happiness: How to Find It!


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    Today marks the conclusion of Happiness: How to Find It! It’s been a long, heartfelt journey for our country girl Rose. I offer my sincerest thanks to all who traveled with her. To commemorate, I’m holding a special contest to win a one-of-a-kind printed copy.


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