Sins of the Watchtower/JWs--PO

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  • patio34

    Hi again Yardif,

    fail to see exactly how you figure Jehovah's Witnesses "take advantage" of soldiers who on their own accord "lay their life on the line" in what they think to be their duty, particularly since we JWs didn't ask them to do so in the first place.

    And you say, "to save you". What is it that you feel that I've been saved from?

    Actually i was referring to calling the police in an emergency where the police, in order to save your life, would be required to put their life on the line. Sorry, i wasn't clearer.

    As far as a larger policing action by soldiers when a country goes to war, the principle may still apply although not so directly. The country you live in was able to be set up through the actions of soldiers.

    WTBS: Quit peeing on my leg and telling me it's raining.
  • detective

    Nice post, Gary Buss. I hadn't even really considered that angle on the neutrality issue. Good points!

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