Official link of the Agreement between the Watchtower and Bulgaria

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  • TheScientist

    Hello Folks,

    Fortunately, I'm able to have a frank conversation with my brother and he, who was already showing some doubts about the organization, got visibly upset when he saw the videos about Bulgaria and Onu ..

    Especially about the Bulgaria case, he said that perhaps the document could not be authentic, but invented .. I was speechless, because although I'm sure, I never found any official evidence unless the note published in the jw-media or others "apostate" sites.. Finally, after searching, I found the official link of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in Bulgaria case, where the Watchtower clearly says not to apply any form of control or sanction for members who opt to choose medical treatment contrary to the doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses in order to obtain legal recognition as a religion in the country (prostituting like Babylon the Great).

    L ink from the official website of the European Court of Human Rights bellow:{%22dmdocnumber%22:[%22683878%22],%22itemid%22:[%22001-45968%22]}

    More proof of that? Impossible!

    Do you prefer to search yourself where is the information? See how to get to the link follow ing a step by step :

    STEP 1:
    - Go to the search portal of the official website of the European Court of Human Rights.
    - Click on the address :

    STEP 2

    - Given the above image, click " HUDOC database ."
    - As a result , will open the page below. And, as shown in the figure, fill the form like this :

    1 . Click HUDDOC Collection
    2. In the Application Number field , type " 28626/95 " (put the quotation marks )
    3. Click Search

    STEP 3
    - As a result , will open the page shown below.

    Then click the second link.

    As a result , the page opens with the resolution.

    Sorry for my English..

  • puffthedragon

    This is the first i have heard of this. Is it recent? On my phone. Cant look it up now but id like to know more.

  • AnnOMaly

    It was the mid-90s, I think, puff. A news report went round that JWs had changed their position on blood. It was vehemently denied by the WTS. Their deal with the Bulgarian government (so they could be officially recognized as a religion) was at the root of it.

  • Sheep2slaughter

    Thescientist: wow. What an amazing first post. I can't even post links and you pull this out! Embedded screen caps and all! Welcome tithe board. I know this was a sticking point for Elder Elite(blood and Bulgeria). I'm sure he will be chiming in soon.

  • TheScientist

    Hi puffthedragon,

    That this arrangement was known , is not new. However , we just found this document on the websites of JW dissent.

    Now you can read it and show to your friends directly from the official website of the European Court . Is not great?!

    The Brazilian dissent got very happy with this discovery and asked me to post here as well.

    Kind regards, TheScientist

    PS: Folks, we might exchange information (Brazil dissident and English speakers dissident). Do you know about Sebastian case?

  • Wilfried

    GREAT ! Thank you very much .... very important link we were waiting for a longtime .... I LOVE YOU !!!!!!

  • TheScientist

    (Oh man! I appologize for the joint words in the first post...... I can't fix anymore (post 30 min).. If the Moderators want to (including grammar erros.. he he), I will be thankful..)

    Thank you friends,

    Have you checked the desifiliation document directly from UN official website:

    In Brazil when I discoved and posted these documents in the forum, they had the same reaction.. he he.

    Our site (it is in Portuguese, but you can use Google Translator):

  • blindnomore

    Wow, thank you so much! I am not familiar with Sebastian case. Would you care to share about the case?

  • AnnOMaly

    Forgot to say WELCOME TheScientist and thanks for the direct link.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Very interesting, thank you. Some of the report is in French, I used Google but someone may be able to do a better job


    "I. Concerning the substitution of military service by a alternative service, the Bulgarian Government undertakes to file Parliament a bill as soon as possible, establishing an alternative civilian service to military service.

    1.1. The project, in the opinion of the applicant meets the requirements of conscientious objectors, the faithful Jehovah's Witnesses, who wish to perform a service alternative civilian instead of military service.

    1.2. The final bill, tabled by the Council Ministers in Parliament, will be submitted immediately to the European Commission of Human Rights.

    II. Regarding the position of Jehovah's Witnesses on the blood, the applicant agrees to make a statement, which will integrally attached to the statutes of Jehovah's Witnesses of Bulgaria for its registration, stating that:

    2.1. - Jehovah's Witnesses patients use systematically to medical care for themselves and their children, it is up to each of them to use their free will, without any control and sanction from the applicant;

    2.2. - As regards the enforcement of legislation Bulgarian health, the association's Witnesses Christian Jehovah of Bulgaria is committed to its implementation, including:

    2.2.1. - By not providing reporting prior refusal of blood transfusion to persons minor;

    2.2.2. - With respect to those major, observing the provisions of that legislation and recognizing each individual the freedom of choice.

    III. Concerning the recognition of the cult's Witnesses Jehovah, by the Bulgarian State, as the official religion:

    3.1. The Christian Association Jehovah's Witnesses agrees to withdraw its petition filed against Bulgaria before the European Commission of Human Rights;

    3.2. Consequently, given the withdrawal of request, the Bulgarian Government, agrees to register Jehovah's Witnesses in Bulgaria, as a cult, accordance with the law on religious denominations.

    3.3. Consequently, given the withdrawal of request, the Bulgarian Government is also committed to remove item 16 of Schedule 2 to point 4 of the Order Council of Ministers No. 255 of 1994.

    IV. Subject to the conditions following techniques, regarding the removal of the request, given the decision to register the statutes of the association in Sofia:

    4.1. The applicant association shall file with the Department the Statute of Religious Affairs, consistent with the terms of this settlement, and other documents required for registration.

    4.2. After review, the Directorate of Affairs finds religious conformity to the articles of this settlement and is in favor registration of the applicant association.

    4.3. The association applicant withdraws its application No. 28626/95.

    4.4. The Directorate of Religious Affairs registers the applicant association under the terms of this amicable settlement.


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