I had this thought

by ballistic 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • ballistic


    oh fuck it

  • Naeblis

    I demand your deactivation!!!

  • ballistic

    Damn! I realised I needed to take that swear word out and it said my post was too old to edit???

    I meant to say oh sugar, I forgot what I was going to say.


    'oh fuck it'

    exactly how i feel about shit at the moment

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    you still not smoking balli?? better not be

  • seven006

    Wow, one whole thought all by yourself, how do you do it man? Tell me your secret! I had a thought once but my ex wife got it in the divorce. Now she has to figure out how to shove it into her half a brain.

    Life sucks!


  • ballistic

    no I'm not and thanks for asking - it is over 5 weeks now and not a single cig. And yes I feel good for it. I had a strange dream of smoking last night and I did feel like a total failure in the dream, when I woke up I was so glad it was just a dream.

  • larry black
    larry black

    Good fer you pal. It's not easy but you'll get there.

    Do you eat mints? They helped me with the cravings.

  • Kep

    Good on ya Balli,
    I've been smoking for 5 years and have been thinking about quitting.
    My sister and her hubby gave up over a year ago and they feel better for it.
    But I'm still deciding.
    Keep it up, you might inspire me...

  • lurk

    why did you start smoking again ballistic?

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