If you have an axe to grind against Jehovah!

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  • logical


    Nimrod has absolutely no idea what he is blabbing on about, he is a troll. He probably saw some stuff on the dark side on a site and now thinks hes super duper evil.

    I think he knows this and is here to wind people up. I also think he is not really new to this forum, and he and his girlfriend are always winding people up.

  • sf

    "I also think..."

    Thinking does not equate to knowing.


  • Nimrod

    To all you who have made a reply;

    For a start, I'm not a traditional satanist as you seem to believe. But as many don't fully understand where I'm comming from ( and I don't expect all will) then naturally you will take things as you have. I invite any and all to question me about anything you like. I have no problem to you throwing shit at me as I can take heaps of it.
    By the way This poster is not a joke its for real.

    If your seriously interested in knowing more about setting up a magickal order and really want to pursue the issue then please by all means email me at [email protected]
    I do feel sorry for the uninformed minds who can't see the big picture. I only want GENUINE AND SERIOUS students in the Occult. If you live in Australia then even Better but not essential.

    I know most of you seem to think I'm crazy and possibly a troll but over such a bulletin board as this, its hard to prove my credentials.
    I was a Jw for some Thirty years and Was Df in 1989. I have vowed the society will fall and I only need about three persons to operate within 'the Order'I am proposing. The traditional ways of attacking the Society don't work but this method is worth a try as its far different to what anyone else has done. So don't condemn it until you've tried it yourself. Black arts do work, but you have to know how to correctly apply the techniques. As for the Society being of Satan; that is all subject to ones point of view. I personally believe it is Controlled By Jehovah, but Jehavah is not the supreme being; but rather a renegade god whom had it in for Marduk and many other deities. These deities whom I believe are real, but of a different vibration to us; are requiriing a physical group to operate through to acheive the goal I am suggesting to you.
    If I havent answered your specific questions, then I apologize and will do so. If you email me specifically as I can explain in better terms on an individual level. If what I am offering is not 'your cup of tea' then your free to refrain and go your own way. ( Nimrod - the name used as a symbol of What his reputation was about "A mighty Hunter in opposition to Jehovah").

  • lurk


    my email si open so just mail me the answer to this question.

    why do you use that name satan for your god when it obvioulsy isnt the real name ?

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire
    I also think he is not really new to this forum, and he and his girlfriend are always winding people up

    Why Logi. Is there something you want to say to me my friend?
    You been lookin at my ISP? Hmmm?

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I dont have all night to sit here waitin for Logi to respond.
    So, an announcement.
    "Nimrod" is posting from "Refiners Fire" computer.
    Announcement ends.

  • Nimrod

    Well I encourage you all on this site to give consideration to the rebellion of Nimrods free thinking ideas.(Nimrod)

  • Satanus


    Hey, this is funny!

    Actually, You Know, I sense that you are drawn to this belief that I hold. I think you are only a small step from the Abyss yourself.
    Seriously though, i think he is on an even lower level than you. He would have to take a step UP.


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