Blogger asks why have WTS never lost a child abuse case? Well, I guess Jehovah's Witnesses can't use that excuse EVER again!

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  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Funny! A few days ago on a thread I had mentioned how JW's always say this very thing and lookie what I just found and of all thing about child abuse within the Watchtower Society. Sounds like another smug JW. I think we need to post on his blog setting the record staight

  • blondie

    Not that they are aware of...if their source is the WTS, lying is an art for them, after all jws are not entitled to this information by WTS definition. And any information from non-jw sources has to be lies, after all non-jws are liars and persecution the WTS.

  • hamsterbait

    Two or three years ago the Borg claimed that only 11 elders had ever been successfully sued for child abuse.

    How many have been arrested by the police tried and convicted in a court of law?

    Who is this stinking liar of a dubbie?


  • mP

    @hamsterbait theres are no pedo elders, they disown them before that stage or by their guilt are obviously not faithful and must be demonized.

  • blondie

    mP, do you mean that while they were elders when they committed their crimes, by the time they were charged and tried and found guilty, they were no longer elders or MS or even jws.

    Daniel Steven Fitzwater (Nevada out of prison)

    Paul Berry (New Hampshire)

    I understand that neither lost their status as a jw even in prison.

    I would suggest you do some research on JWN and Google using the third source above on my other post.

    (If you are trying to the sarcastic.........)

  • watson

    Looks like the blog site needs a low key, non "apostate" comment on the latest announcement.

  • mP

    @blondie im trying to rationalize theipr figure of only eleyven. they obviously at the very leagst have been using a creative way to ignre what and whom they count...

  • respectful_observer


    Looks like the blog site needs a low key, non "apostate" comment on the latest announcement.


    Even something as simple as posting a few links to news stories (once they're out), and maybe the $28,000,001 figure with a breakdown of what each of the three defendants are responsible for, should suffice. How can the blogger argue with someone posting only completely independent 3rd party sources?

    Might give pause to any active J-dubs that visit his blog.

  • falseprophet

    Of course "the Society have never lost a court case" on this topic (until very recently).

    Because in past cases, they usually settled out of court.

  • JWdaughter

    The blogger quit and closed the blog-that means he doesn't have to answer to anything, nor will the truth show up on the blog. Damn.

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