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  • TheTruthBR

    Watchtower Library Online:

    Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY Welcome. This is a research tool for publications in various languages produced by Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • baltar447

    interesting. Wow no further back than 2000? lame

  • BlindersOff1

    If you don't want to be tracked as coming from this site to the Watchtower site. Cut and paste the link into a new tab

  • straightshooter

    I guess they ran out of storage space to post publications before the year 2000.

    Good catch baltar447.

  • Quendi

    This is another attempt by the WTS to concede the presence and effect the Internet has but baltar447 is right to be unimpressed. The oldest publications listed go only back to 2000, and I wouldn't be surprised if their texts differ in some respects from the original versions. The WTS did that with its Watchtower Library CD and that gives me reason to believe it will do likewise with this online repository. Thanks, ThetruthBR, for alerting us to this new development.

    The WTS wants to erase its past with all the problems its examination would create. At the same time it wants to appear to be progressive technologically speaking as well as seeming to provide research materials for those Witnesses who are still serious about the religion. Maybe more publications will be added and older material will be made available. We'll see, but even if that happens I don't think the Society's motives for creating this "library" are altruistic ones.


  • cedars

    Thanks for this link. I've actually ordered the 2012 CD-ROM but it hasn't come yet. Either that, or it has come and they won't give it to me until I turn up at the local KH to collect it! This website will help to plug the gap in the meantime.


  • wallsofjericho
  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    This is just L-A-M-E.

    If they want people to believe they aren't covering anything up then why do they hide stuff?

    I mean if they are da-troof then what have they got to hide?

    Do they not get just how fishy this seems?

    Are they really that arrogant, ignorant and bold, REALLY?!?!?!

    This is a new low even for them.

  • diamondiiz

    Thanks TheTruthBR and welcome

    Present troof is only 12 years old, anything older may be viewed as old troof and unreliable. JWs don't usually do research anyways, so 12 years of their latest crap is more than sufficient for majority of jws. I wonder if dubs will be encouraged to use this "valuable" resourse instead of wts-cd. This would mean less wts-dvds to be made, which would also mean a good way of eliminating it all together, which means no more pre-2001 material available to the jws and especially new recruits.

    It's interesting that they don't have all these publications in pdf format to be downloaded (at present link to which means old lite good be updated online without any noticing. But this is still at early stages so they may add more later on but I wouldn't hold my breath on that possibility.

    texts differ in some respects from the original versions. The WTS did that with its Watchtower Library CD

    Quendi:do you have any proof that they've changed text in cds from their publications? I know they've changed some text from mags to boundvolumes and transfered updated info into cd-roms which would mean they did likewise with revised books like revelation, but other than that, if you have specific changes that didn't take place in bound volumes but did occur on their digital format please share.


  • Fernando

    Welcome theTruthBR, and nice catch.

    Could it be the WBT$ can no longer afford the CDs?

    Might they add older publications???

    Or is this a scheme to get rid of some very useful pre-2000 publications (especially Ray Franz articles) that expose them for what they are???

    For any that can use it in some way: Theocratic Ministry School Schedule for 2012

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