Should I attend a JW funeral?

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  • Flat_Accent

    Interesting comments everyone, I'll certainly give it some more thought.

  • Kojack57

    I went to and ex family members funeral just to let them know I was still alive and sporting my beard, because I knew it would irritate them.

    They creamate dead J-dubs now, so the money you would have spent on the funeral can be donated to the BORG.


  • uk_ex_jw

    I went to one a few months ago for my JW friend - who still talks to me, despite knowing that I am opposed to his faith. He seems to view our friendship more important.

    His Grandmother had died. I knew her many years ago, and to be fair, she lived a JW life - didn't put a foot out of place as far as I know.

    The funeral wasn't too bad. I attended with my partner (who I live with - not married) and despite not being disfellowshipped or d/a, people generally kept their distance and treated me as such, which I preferred if I am being honest.

    Obviously, I spoke to my friend and a couple of other's came over and asked how I had been keeping, but apart from that, the few people I had expected to come and challenge me, kept their distance, despite a few glancing stares.

    In truth, it is not the time or the place for a religious debate or to start judging. It is a funeral. There are far more pressing matters at hand then what you have been up to, but I get what you are saying and I had the same concerns.

    I had it in my head that if anyone challenged me, that is exactly what I would say to them. Ultimately, the day is about the person who has passed, not about anything else.

  • SnackerBob
  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    I would. I plan on attending my grandmother's someday. She will be 88 and is still going strong and

    I hope she does for a long time...but I have given it thought. The only way I will be able to get through

    it is with Xanax and a cocktail. That's the way I get through most family gatherings.

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