Quote where WT says people can leave org. without repercussions?

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  • ronwashington

    Months ago someone here mentioned a quote from some sort of interview where a WT spokeperson (Brown?) said a person can leave the org. without repurcussions. I think. Maybe I was hallucinating. Does anyone have this if it does exist?

  • Fernando

    Welcome ronwashington!

    I also have a vague recollection of this. Hopefully someone can help.

    Enjoy your stay, and we'd love to hear your story when you are ready.



  • irondork

    I've seen a quote where it was stated anyone can leave if they want. I don't think it included, " without repercussions."

  • Black Sheep
  • blindnomore

    Welcome, ronwashington!

    I do remember reading something similar to that effect from 'Awake'(?)...

    I learned a few years ago not to take seriously what the WTS posts or claims in public. I personally know a JW who was accused of promoting appostate material and was ended up being disfellowshipped over the material. Guess what meterial a df'ed JW accused of was? It was non other than J.R.Brown's Public statement on the WTS policy on Child Sexual Abuse. The local elders refused to read it and later accused a JW for having tried to promote apostate material.

    The borg says anything publicly and will punish current JWs for bring it out elders' attention on them. They are double standard hyporcrites!

  • nonjwspouse

    Yep. my husband now again studying with the JW after almost 20 years away from it, was told this very same thing! He thinks he is in a clear understanding that he could just " walk away" after being baptized if he chose to do so, with no change in his family or friend relationships ( his Mother, and Aunt are JW) His father walked away in the late 70's from being an elder to not stepping foot inside the KH again. That was right before the apostate "attacks" on all who disagree or walk away. He thinks it would be the same for him if he were to decide at soe time to do so. He is being lied to, but then that is the norm with the JW organization isn't it?

    All literature I read says anyone who disgrees with the JW docterine, " creates divisions" or states they no longer want to be associated with the WT organization then they are to be treated as "dead" apostates by all JWs, even family, and they are labled mentally diseased.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Don't know, but Welcome!

  • AnnOMaly

    I remember a radio interview - or was it written? It's many years ago now - where Brown said anybody (JW) could leave if they wanted. I can't remember the 'without repercussions' part, but he could have done - he said some real wacky things sometimes. I think the podcast or transcript is buried deeply in cyberspace or may have gone into oblivion.

    The analogy's been used before on this board: it's like a person pointing a loaded gun at somebody and saying to him, "You are free to leave whenever you want ... but if you do I'll shoot you." In the JWs' case it's known as 'The Shun Gun.'

    Oh, and welcome, Ron.

  • AnnOMaly

    There's a poster here called TD. I note on a very old thread that he had tapes (tapes!) of some of Brown's interviews. He might be able to confirm ... or otherwise.

  • LostGeneration

    It was on either watchtower.org or jw-media.org, which happen to be down right now, at least for me. Check this old thread, it basically had wording very similar or exactly like found here:


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