Anyone use to have horrible nightmares as a child & afriad of the dark due to all the Watchtower Society talk of Demons and Satan??

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  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Welcome Socrates! Thank You for your contribution I know this fear lead to me being fearful as an adult, but transferred in other ways!

    Those memories are like scars after an operation or wound. Sure you can try to "totally" forget but only if one has a serious case of

    transhuman68.....ha......I remember that photo!!

  • Nambo

    I used to have dreadfull nightmares as a kid, and every night, allthough these stopped as In my teenage years, I became quite scared of the dark and of entities in my late teens and early twenties when I started living on my own.

    When I was in the Royal Navy, I was in the hospital of HMS Ganges for a minor injury, now many young men had died here over the years, in the middle of the night I woke up to the feeling that something was walking around the ward, "looking for souls to steal", I instinctively grabbed the Gedions Bible that was in the bedside cabinet, and the feeling then went away, even though back then I had no belief in God.

    I hadnt even heard of the Jehovahs Witnesses and didnt become one until many years later.

    I think you will find most Children experience these things even if they are not brought up as Witnesses, though I can well see how confirmation from adults makes it even worst, when I was in the Childrens homes we used to creep around the dark basement armed only with our Dan Dare Raygun torches, looking for Monsters and creatures of the night in dreadfull but exhilarating fear.

  • talesin

    It wasn't the demons, but those Asleep! articles about torture in Malawi, telling all the lurid details. I couldn't sleep, and would lie awake in terror, thinking about it - to this day I remember,,, bicycle spokes being pushed through people's calves! That was almost 50 years ago.


  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Nambo.....there is a huge difference between being "terrorized" by people who are in the flesh before you and our caregivers/parents 24/7 who you trust when you're a child, then scared from watching tv! Many therapists would highly disagree with your statement

    So let's call it like it is then, teaching our partents abuse via WTS.

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