Watchtower, Wolverine, and the LIE that every 13-year-old saw RIGHT AWAY...

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    The Bible is full of symbolic words and numbers. When the spimGB interperts them it is the word of Jehovah, when you personally study and interpret them you are either an Apostate or practicing Occult.

    * spim stands for 'spiritual mast****ting'.

  • Bells

    I remember an in-law saying how Harry Potter was a disgrace because it teaches kids that magic is 'cool' and she will never let her kids read or watch any of the Harry Potter books or movies.

    However - Lord of the Rings was / is one of her favourites of all time - work that out!?

  • CaptainSchmideo

    Unlearn, I posted about this very thing a few months back!

    Included is an article from "The Comics Journal" in reaction to this Awake magazine.

    Thanks for bringing up some very valid points. I had the same reaction back in '83 that you did.

    Additionally, some of the examples in that gallery were from the friggin' 50's!

  • Unlearn

    an interesting aside:
    i got appointed as an elder back when i was 30 years old....but i found out years later from another elder on the body, that i had actually been almost appointed 6 months before, but it was objected to by one elder in particular...who's major problem with me was that I had turned his 14 year-old son on to comic reading/collecting a year or two before. and guess which mag he dug up to support his point?
    yep...the 1983 AWAKE on comics...
    which had come out 17 years earlier....
    when i was 13.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    you got sparlocked dude...


  • BluesBrother

    With me it was rock music, and the silly & ill-informed things that they would write about it. Thankfully I did not have parents like "Caleb's" Mum, and I carried on regardless.

    I still retained faith in their being God's Organization though. Somehow I just separated what they wrote about "Worldly" things from what they said about Scripture. I reasoned that H/Spirit led them in The Bible but it left practical warnings to the men to write. So I carried on enjoying good music ! (in secret)

  • mindseye

    Yeah...memories! I remember the Awake about comics. Fortunately, I didn't have a "Caleb's Mom" either (though a true believer, my mom was cool and pretty laid back on entertainment issues). It did put me on a little guilt trip about my favorite pasttime, but then I realized how much cooler the latest issue of X-Men was over the Awake, and my overactive conscience subsided.

  • truth_b_known

    This is the topic of my Caleb/Sparlock experience. I was 13 and a hardcore collector of comic books. I had just recently added Giant Size X-Men #1 to my collection when my father decided to throw it all into the garbage bin in front of me.

    To add insult to injury, he felt he was being kind by buying me a $80.00 skateboard to replace my $5,000.00 comic book collection.

  • DaCheech

    {cry cry}. I was told to throw away my motley crue music and star wars comics! guaw guaw!

    arseholes, I still have them in the attic!

    I showed sparlock to my kids, the WT is screwed!

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