Protected during prayers? Really?

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    Some of the fallout after our wreck:

    1 Up until the crash, our passengers had been best friends to us. A single mother and her teenage son. Yeah they were poor and we helped them in many ways through the years. Soon after the wreck, they deleted us as friends from Facebook and started to ignore our emails. After some further emails asking them why the cold shoulder all they could come up with was "we need some space, some time away from you". My wife and I were like WTF? I know we were in a horrible crash together but they both knew it wasn't my fault. Both of them said that themselves many times. It remains a mystery how one minute we could be fast friends with these guys, and having them dump us the next. Fair weather friends I guess. Well that sucked because they were the only freinds we had in the congregation.

    2 Our kingdom hall going to days were pretty much over following the wreck. We only went to a few more after that. My wife and I began to enjoy our Saturday and Sunday mornings off...Bev would come home after a 12 hour shift (graveyard)at the hospital on Thursday morning and trying to get her up and ready for the meeting that night was trying. She was still exhausted from working and groggy. I always hated the fact that sometimes she missed out on vital rest because of the damn Thursday night meetings!

    3 By the next summer my wife and I had turned in our DA letters and exited the cult. I am so lucky my wife saw the pain and disbelief on my face as I told her about all my research findings that prove the jws are wrong and a cult. She took it surprisingly well. It turns out, she had been having doubts herself and was looking forward to getting her weekends and Thursday nights back! Bev, you're my favorite!

    4 The lady that hit us had full coverage insurance, so they paid my brand new Kia Sorento off and we didn't have that debt any more. Luckily we had a second vehicle (though unreliable mechanically). Now after two years of waiting we may be getting a settlement from her insurance company. I hope we get a decent amount, we need it.

    5 I sent Sister fairweather friend and her son copies of my disassociation letter with the invitation to kiss my ass. I think that's a pretty happy ending.


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