My room was possessed by demons in the form of...........

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  • usualusername

    After my creaming experience I have another account I would like to share.

    Many many years ago I was assigned to a London congregation as an MTS Grad. I found myself a room. After 3 months I would awake every morning at 2am to the sounds of demons. I was not dreaming. IN all honesty it freaked me out. Outside of wanking like a maniac I had no understanding why Satan would pick on little ole me.

    Fast forward 3 months.

    I decided to spring clean my room and food some mice feeding on some grains in my room. Cleaned my room and the demonic noises disappeared.

    Did you ever misinterpret an ordinary event as something demonic?


  • NewChapter

    I know someone who mistook faulty wiring in a lamp as demon interference. The whole place could have burned down. Stooopid demunz!

  • rebel8
  • keep

    Whenever I'd have sleepovers with the JW children I was allowed to be friends with, they'd say every noise was a demon, and feared dolls especially because they thought a demon would posses them. I had a cat so there would be lots of noise... So annoying.

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    There's the story of a young man who went camping in the Highlands of UK with his girlfriend, and they heard wild demonic screeching in the middle of the night while in their tent. The experience was so horrifying it convinced him to enter seminary training. Little know to them, the area was native habitat to a bird species which locals named "the demon bird", due to it's distinctive and fearful call at night....

    More common though, is a well-known phenomena known as night terrors, sleep paralysis, wherein a person is half-asleep, but senses a fearsome presence of a spirit trying to crush them, rape them, etc, and the victim is powerless to move. Look it up on wikipedia: VERY common, like 10-20% of population may experience it. In fact, there was a sister in the congregation who had exactly that experience, and I remember we went over to her house to comfort her after she called in a panic later in the day. Everyone was thinking demonic possession, when it was just an episode of night terrors.

    But I think it's ALWAYS a good idea to blame the Devil whenever you encounter a fearsome unknown, right?

    It's the flip-side of the saying "God did it" whenever anything good happens (such as who created life).

  • dreamgolfer

    there is no such thing as Demons, - they were invented to make children do as they are told (adults too)

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