Jehovah VS Satan??? Fair Fight?

by mrbunyrabit 2 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • mrbunyrabit

    the World to Satan to try and see who people would follow.

    But... isn’t the fight a bit... One sided... I mean. Jehovah has the winning hand....

    (i accidently posted this question in the medical part, sory for that...)

    What Jehovah has to offer --> Ever lasting life

    What Satan has to offer --> Nothing....

    What fight is there?? I mean Satan cant even use his power like Jehovah did in the old times! Satan doesn’t have a group of people he can show him parting water, and stuff like that...

    How can Satan Really prove that people would follow him, if he cannot Use or offer the things Jehovah does.

    And for that matter.

    The only reason Satan is ruling over the earth, is to try and show that every one will follow him right? But didn’t he already lose like LONG ago when the faithful man Job died? I mean.. its Deal over right? Satan cant prove God right any more??????? Why is he still in power then?

  • cantleave

    Satan is cool!!!! He beats Jerkyhoover hands down. He has the best music, the best films and has horns!

  • WTWizard

    And Jehovah doesn't even give poor Satan a fair chance. Every time Satan gets the upper hand because He is a much better ruler, Jehovah steps in and trashes it. First, punishing the first couple after they just gained freedom. Then the Tower of Babel. Then sending Jehovah's people into foreign lands to trash such lands. Then stepping in, with the death penalty, every time those people start developing traits that could actually be useful for something other than to trash other nations. Then with Christi-SCAM-ity. Then with the First Dark Ages. Then with personal hardships, wars, and endless houndings to join Christi-SCAM-ity. And finally, just as Satan is being exposed as being clearly superior, by barging in and using the Rothschilds to enslave the world.

    Now, MY challenge is, if Jehovah were bound along with his filthy angels and Satan and His Demons given a fair and proper chance to rule mankind, would they succeed? And I mean no trashing something just as it gets nearly complete, Jehovah--trashing Nimrod's Tower of Babel was cheating. I also mean no creating and developing a race of people, using a religion to ensure that all possible positive traits are weeded out, so they can later enslave the whole human race or create messy wars to destroy other races and nations. I also mean not using your filthy angels to drown out proper rituals to Satan or assistance from or to Satan. And not having someone come in and put a stop to Satan's Rulership just as it is about to succeed. Jehovah, your doing these things is CHEATING!

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