Sisters Of Mercy Religious Order under attack.

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  • designs

    In a development that JW Sisters may want to contemplate the Vatican essentially put the Sisters Of Mercy Order under Church Martial Law especially their Conference Of Women Religious. Sister Margaret Farley, a Phd. at Yale, wrote a book entitled: Just Love; A Framework For Christian Sexual Ethics'. The Pope and the Congregation For The Doctrine Of Faith have set up a panel of men to censur the sisters.

    Will JW sisters ever produce an intellectual tome of equal importance dealing with social and sexual issues of the day. Are they to intimidated by the GB to ever voice a contrary opinion or solidify themselves into a group with an independent voice..

  • slimboyfat

    I believe Mormon women have influential groups that attempt to affect the direction of their church too. The chances of such a thing arising in the claustrophobic atmosphere of the Watchtower world is close to zero I would say. Independent association, thinking or action are out of the question.

  • NewChapter

    They would be branded Jezebels.

  • Dagney

    Education is encouraged if not just expected with the Catholics and Mormons. There are civic duties and responsibilities that women are given. That is not the environment for JW women.

    Never happen. Edited: JW women could give a sh*t.

  • designs

    Are the 'independent' JW women mostly gone form the Org. now so that what is left are the 'Father Knows Best' types.

    I thought the development within the Catholic Faith is interesting in that they allow and encourage women in Orders to become Phd's. but will drop a hammer on them if they teach ideas outside of the 'Doctrine Of Faith'. I would like to hear how a meeting goes between these Nuns and the Bishops.

  • Dagney

    Have there been "independent JW women" that did something notable within the org?

    I believe it was thought the highest desireable rank was elder wife or pioneer if you wanted to be woman somebody. I heard several pioneers, some you know, say something to the effect, (in an assembly...ring a bell?) "I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't pioneer." (poor thing) Some said they had no say unless they were a pioneer, and some thought that was motivation enough to do it for years.

    I think you have to be a "Father Knows Best" type if you are going to be a good JW woman. You buck the system, you are in disfavor, Jezebel as NC said.

    Yeah, I would think it is the same with the Mormons, educate yourself, but stick with our program. The Catholics have done a lot of good along with the not so good through the years. Nuns are teachers and run schools and education systems.

    Do you see any women wanted to buck the system within the org?

  • designs

    No I don't see any at the moment. There is just the right amount of 'social gathering' to keep them pacified. The last opportunity to Teach was in the Watchtower Study but that apparently has gone and it seems rote answers are the game.

  • cofty

    The Roman Catholic church has always set a difficult challenge for women. A virgin mother is not an easy ideal to aspire to.

  • designs

    Can you imagine if a Sister received a formal Letter from the Wt. stating they were being investigated for 'grave moral teachings'. Catholic sister Margaret Farley looks tough and ready for a fight.

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