Are the WTB&TS out of their depth with the IT age ? And is it going to be their Waterloo ?

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  • DJPoetech

    I would love to see one of those cell phone commercials with the speedy internet in response to a knock at the door from a Jehovah's Witness on Saturday morning.

    *Householder has phone in hand*

    Witness: "Would you like to live in peaceful world, without wars and famine?"

    Householder: "That magazine is so 46seconds ago! I have the one from two months from now. And, oops, new light! You dont have to preach anymore! sorry!"

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I got a 4yr old nephew who can read log onto the internets and search for whatever he wants. He follows his favorite cartoons on nick for

    Now these dumbarsed old men at bethel drop a brainwashing cartoon for them to search and JWN probably has the most sparlock hits?!?

    They just succeeded in creating some of the youngest apostates ever!

    Maybe the kids can teach the parents a thing or two.

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