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  • larc

    Englishman has a thread about the generation idea and the apostates - most interesting. After reading this, it occured to me it would be interesting to go to the official Watchtower internet site and use there search function on different words and see what they had to say. Here is what I found out.

    First of all, they do not show complete articles. What they present is a summary of the articles in the magazines.

    Under the subject of "generation" there are NO articles listed. On the subject of apostates there are 6, but none of them talk about apposing xJWs.

    On the subject of love, there were 220 articles that used this word. On the word charity, there was only one article, and it did not have to do with charity. It had to do with bloodless surgery.

    On the UN, there were 69 references. Only one had UN in the title. It was, "The UN Declaration of the Rights of Children." Under the title was the following statement: Summary of this article is not available." Out of the 100 titles, I looked at, this was the only one that had this statement.

    My conclusion? Their search function does not allow you to search their literature, and they are dishonest (surprise, surprise) in what they do.

    Questions: Why nothing on modern day apostates? Why no article on the generation issue. Why is the article on the UN issue not available? Why no articles on charity? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • YoYoMama

    I think the limit on literature has to do with being undermanned. A year ago I got a chance to sit down with a couple of their web developers and they were barely learning the ropes. Basically they are learning as they go along. And for the amount of information they need to post, they are very undermanned.

    I think eventually they will publish more articles online as they will see that it is an excellent tool to spread information.

  • detective

    Yes, yoyo, the internet is a good way to spread information.

    Bad news for the Tower...

  • larc

    Yo Yo,

    The search function is standard. Why does the word "generation" produce no matches, and the word love produces 220? They've got the articles in there. They have modified the search function, so that you can not find everything.

  • apostate man
    apostate man

    YOYO, A billion dollar/year company with 6 million followers and there undermanned? I am a web developer(on my own time for my own reasons) and it does not take that much time to get it right. How long have they had their site? I self taught myself last year and took one 6 week class to brush up. Two people should easily of had all their information up in as little as a month.

    Here is a thought....
    Maybe they intentionally leave out the "good stuff" because they know the general public can view it and pick it apart. OR maybe their info is only useful to the "chosen ones".

    Thanks for reading the above and remember, always add pepper to your vomit BEFORE you lap it back up. mmmmm good


    Hey larc,they don`t want to be researched,otherwise they would make all information available.Typical WBTS bullshit,little bits and pieces of information slopped together..I see the "One Troll Nation,One Troll"(OTNOT the troll),Yadirf/Yo-yo/sexy-teen,ect ect...has tried to come to their rescue,with more bullshit!(LOL)...OUTLAW

  • YoYoMama

    No need to turn on me, I only posted my opinion, not a fact.

    I would also like to add that it is sometimes hard for young Bethelites to have online additions approved by brothers that are 60 to 70 years old and don't have a clue about the exposure of the internet. As younger ones move up, they will make changes and use the internet more.

  • hillary_step

    Web-developers in Brooklyn - lol,

    Thank you Yo-Yo for the chuckle.

    The WTS leadership is manned by amateurs at all levels, whose qualifications revolve around, length of service, having been ‘loyal’ to the ‘Organization’ ( as it having kept ones nose clean), and having ‘Pioneered’ somewhere along the line, not on talent, education or vision. That type of person is quickly demonized and hidden in the broom closet.

    Just three months before the WTS published is own web-site a few years ago, I was involved in a discussion with a senior member of legal who tried to convince me, with a sweaty vehemence, that the WTS had no need of web-sites and no plans for any.

    These people are amateur scholars, theologians, and technicians. What they have on their side is money and arrogance, though not necessarily in that order

    Proud as they are of the MAPS printing and translating system, look how much money they threw at the project before it worked. Millions of the dollars of hard working JW’s were thrown down the drain in useless exercises as these people learned their trade on the fly.

    Brooklyn is a cameo of every local hall, professional ideas with amateur minds, the gulf bridged by wicked misuse of donated funds. The WTS thinks on its toes, with its toes, which leaves its head spinning dumbly at the rapid international social changes now taking place.

    Jarascz refuses to even use a computer, no doubt feeling that computers are ‘the Disgusting Thing That Causes Desolation’.

    Well, computers are certainly causing his desolation, and Theo, the best is yet to come. Sometimes the 'foolish things of the world', are just that, plain foolish.


  • larc


    You've got it nailed down, buddy. They don't people to do an honest to God real search. They want people to search for more propaganda, on a public relations site.

  • joelbear

    We asked if AIDS had affected the tribe. With evident disgust, he answered: "Homosexuality is where the danger lies. Homosexuality is creeping into the reservation. TV and the white man’s vices are debilitating some of our young Apache people."

    The above is from a search on the site.

    There are no homosexual indians, just white homosexuals creeping onto the reservation to spread AIDS.


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