2012 August Public WT and the Obliteration of Logic

by Yan Bibiyan 30 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • WTWizard

    "There are really miracles, because the Bible says so."

    That has to be the lamest explanation I have ever seen. The LIE-ble can explain them--simply made up or embellished (any witlesses who have been through an a$$embly know about embellished experiences). Most of the "miracles(??)" in the LIE-ble were simply lifted from ancient sources, corrupted to "refresh(??)" them, and written down in lieu of current happiness for people today. Everything "Jesus" did was copied from ancient sources, sometimes many of them.

    Today, we don't experience miracles simply because of the LIE-ble. People are scared to look outside the LIE-ble, so their souls remain undeveloped (and besides, those filthy angels block incoming and outgoing communications between us and those Demons that so desperately want to help us). They refuse to do anything because the LIE-ble is supposed to be all they need, and because they are afraid the Demons will possess them if they practice magic. The only miracles we see these days is that Christi-SCAM-ity has survived to this date, and that a few religious idiots are managing to enslave the whole human race despite that many are waking up.

    Plus, many of the "miracles" have scientific explanations. The darkening of the sun at Jesus' death was simply a total solar eclipse (hardly a miracle). Faith healing has scientific explanations--the placebo effect, spiritual healing, and so on. Even the astral plane is close to being proven and detected with science (if only Christi-SCAM-ity would let them do their jobs). Psychic energy is close to being measured--the Kirlian photography actually measures the output, and electrodes prove bioelectricity as fact. And much of what the filthy angels do to prevent one from accessing their powers is explained using well-known principles of physics, similar to what happens when you get static on your radio or multipath reception.

    I think the LIE-ble is out of date. True religion--Satanism--was on the correct path until Judaism, Christi-SCAM-ity, and Islam went and trashed it. And now science, so long as Christi-SCAM-ity stays out, is catching up. Given half a chance, science and Satanism will both prove that most "miracles" are actually acts of physics that can be explained using science. You will be seeing Demons being proven to be real Beings, intent on helping people. And most of the "static" (in the form of smart interference, unlike the dumb interference you get with today's radio broadcasts) will be in the form of filthy angels, proven to be our enemies hellbent on YOUR damnation.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    My brain hurts. Since when is THIS sh*t logic?

  • steve2

    Was the Watchtower's sing-songy "reasoning" always so irritatingly facile?

    Yes. The Watchtower shares that dubious honor with far too many other religious groups - it will never be unique in that sad, sorry regard.

    We ex-JWs notice it so much more now only because we've now grown up, allowed our minds to benefit from clean, fresh "educated"air, had the scales lifted from our blinded eyes and can see - I mean really see - what a dump-load of absolute sh*t the Watchtower is. To return to this organization would be the equivalent of an adult forcing him- or herself back into kids' clothing and skipping up the stairs to our local play school.

  • Jeffro
    The first article addresses miracles and tries to refute common objections if miracles are possible. I won't bore you with the details...

    Too late.

  • Jeffro
    So what is the difference between miracles and magic? Jehovah sure hates magic, even to the point of denying little kids plastic toys, but he approved of miracles?

    Ah... well... you need to read the list of sanctioned magic tricks scattered throughout the Bible. These are always vitally important things, like turning water into wine, turning sticks into snakes, or cursing fig trees.

  • Phizzy

    What a bunch of tossers the Writing Department are.

    The strawman about not happening every day, JC on a bike, if they happened every day they would not be miracles, just everyday occurances.

    A ten year old kid with half a brain could see through this crap.

  • designs

    I'm sticking with Water Spouts, those are totally coool

  • steve2

    The Bible's reasoning is as follows:

    If God does it, it's a "miracle"; if anyone else does it (without God's authority), it's "magic".

    Little wonder the Watchtower's reasoning is sh*t, when the Bible - the Watchtower's claimed source of support - is no different.

    Grimm's fairy stories have far greater logical consistency by comparison.

  • wasblind

    Does the Bible compare Miracles and Magic as the "same" thing ???

    Exodus 7: 8,9 states : " Jehovah now said to Moses and Aaron, 9 " In case that Pharoah speaks to you saying: 'produce a miracle for yourselves," then take your rod and throw it down before Pharoah; it will become a snake."

    Exodus 7 : 11 states: " However, Pharoah also called for the wise men and the sorcerers and the magic practicing priest of Egypt themselves also preceeded to do the same thing with their magic arts."

    Yep, the Bible says it's the samething, posters are correct

    when Jehovah practices magic, it's known as a miracle

    A clear case of Do as I say, not as I do, especially if we are to be followers

    But then again , their are things we don't allow our children to do

    and as parents we have that right

    even if we as parents do it, like drive a car or drink ( until they become of age ) of course

    jus sayin'

  • wasblind

    Jehovah's Wtinesses clearly pick and choose the things they want to obey

    Such as overiding the authority of Jesus in Acts 1:8 and goin' to Magic related theme parks etc.....

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