Baptism...a new look at an old subject.

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    Band on the Run

    I raised an issue in the other thread that deeply interests me. It has to do with John the Baptist (Michael York is my St. John the Baptist actor). John did not use the Trinity formulation. Jesus was not baptised in the Trinity formulation. Many of John the Baptist's followers chose not to follow Christ at John's execution. I have no clue how John fit into Jewish thought. From the gospels, it appears that there were many connections between the movements. Even John's followers who did not embrace Christ were welcomed by Jesus, who was deeply interested.

    I wish the gospel writers had explained why if Jesus' baptism was so public and John said he was not worthy and acknowledged Jesus as the greater, all John's followers should have followed Christ from the moment of baptism, not execution.

    John's baptism appears to be very different from Christian baptism. No Christology was formulated yet. It only makes sense if you accept Christology and impose it on an earlier time.

    My mom was adamant that adult baptism should occur at 35. The consequences of baptism were emotinal and no young teen could comprehend it. Now I read that 8 year olds are baptized. Justitia also posted a court case where a 16 year old with both bioloigcal parents opposed was allowed to die by refusing a transfusion. I do believe that some teens are quasi adults b/c of hardship. Death is so final and being 16 is not grown up and mature in our culture. Erik Erikson wrote of prolonged adolesence a long time ago. Also, baptism has NO legal force. It is not a contract.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I am also curious as to what teachings must be absorbed in order for a Witness to be baptized. The Episcopal Church baptized and confirmed me as an adult. There were specific questions as part of the service. The congregation promised to help me with God's help. Every response to "I will" ended with God's help. I also attended fairly open ended classes on Christian theology. My sponsor was very impressed with the Eastern Church. I ended up learning about the Eastern view and Orthodox saints. It was years before I found out any specifics of the Anglican Communican.

    I love infant baptism. A large part of it is welcoming the new baby to the community. People promise to raise the baby with Christian values. Smaller children love the ceremony, rushing to the front to get a good sight line for the sprinkling. Something about the baby absolutely transforms them. The godparents are usually very nervous about holding the baby correctly. Baptism does not strike me as an agreement or contract. Christ is expected to intervene.

    How ten, twelve, and other preteens are "adults" is beyond me. Unlike other Christian churches, a Witness baptism involves heavy sanctions, including disfellowshipping and shunning from family and friends. Music prodigies and other can play rotelike quite well. They haven't experienced enough in life to truly understand the music. My cousins were baptized at 13. The state does not regard this is as the age of majority.

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