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  • falseprophet

    So we all know that the BlotchTower and Awake are becoming 16 page mags. Yes, they are becoming the "WeeTower" and the "HalfAsleep".

    They are moving some articles over to jw.org and I have a few reasons why I think they are doing this:

    • 'New Light'. All old magazines can be altered, on-line. 'Apostates' will only have print-offs as evidence which can more easily be disregarded by believers. There are other ways to prove the older publications but they are more easily refuted than a book you've had for years on your shelf that you know is a WTBTS book - one you got from a KH or assembly.
    • 'IP Tracking'. When you visit a website, you are sending your IP address. You request a page and your IP address is where to send the page back to. IP addresses are allocated by country, region, state, city and sometimes even smaller areas within. The Society can check to see who is visiting their site. Not enough visits from your local congregation? The CO will be informed and the congregation will get a telling off, possibly in a special way: Jehovah knows so the GB knows. Proof that they are Gods spokespeople - how else would they know? ;)

    I'm sure that there are other ways to try to defeat opposers or keep those JWs trapped. Any more reasons?

  • Soldier77

    Not to nit-pick, but only the awake (starting 2013) will be 16 pages...

  • therevealer

    I thought it was awake and public tower - no?

  • falseprophet

    Oh, I thought both the WatchTower and Awake were going to 16 pages for the public editions with the study edition of the WatchTower remaining at 32 pages?

  • LostGeneration

    falseprophet is correct. Only the Kool-aid edition remains at 32 pages

  • jemba
  • steve2

    Interesting topic. And I suppose if they didn't move over to the internet there'd be negative reasons in that also, yes? Their move to embrace the internet has actually been surprisingly slow, given that they portray themselves as the one true religion on earth. Sure they must have weighed up the pros and cons of the move but your reasons do sound just a tad paranoid. Imagine the legions of surveillance staff they would need to trace the IP addresses of the hundreds if not thousands of hits they get a day and to then communicate their concerns. BTW, there is absolutely nothing wrong in any website being interested in its traffic.

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    @falseprophet...Thanx! My first out loud belly laugh in a couple of days!! "WeeTower" and the "HalfAsleep".

  • solomon

    it's cheaper than printing magazines!

  • diamondiiz

    Noo Lite - they won't be able to alter old publications and claim they haven't done so. Digital downloads are same as printed versions, so even if they edit the future edition, the original will be around and can be backed up by the printed version for dubs to check. It would be difficult for them to weasel out of it by claiming their original was not their teaching but altered by lets say apostates. We know they altered few bound volumes, and possibly dvd-roms but we all know at least some dub that collects the original wt copies and binds them each year. It might get rarer by the year but once they print it, it will be very difficult for them to publicly deny they've done so.

    IP tracking - not viable. They can't tell if it's dub or as apostate from the local area logging into to dl their crap, nor can they tell if it's a worldly on the site.

    They are trying to make themselves progressive to the younger dubs who may be wondering why the J-chariot is standing still while the world is progressing in technology with all the info on the net and yet hooly GB members continue to demonize the net. Their printing division is not doing so well so they would like to get dubs to use digital versions more but what are the chances of that? The org is retaining old ones who aren't tech savvy nor well off to afford tablets. Middle age ones may start getting tablets but I doubt that will be a large sector. Zealous youth will, but again many young ones just aren't as zealous as their predecessors.

    jw.org is a futile attempt to make themselves look progressive while at the same time they claim internet cannot be trusted and higher education is "bad." Their only hope to see huge growth is a global recession where tons of believing df/inactive dubs come running back to khs because they think it's the end, but this will also wear off when the end doesn't come. They should have shed their cult structure decades ago - it's simply too late for that today. No amount of fixing their internet presence can change who they are and what they are, internet is wide open with information that is detrimental to them and there is nothing they can do about it. They've entered their twilight years with maybe another short boom ahead of them before the see a major collapse in membership.

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