Sparlock versus Thor

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  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    Sparlock landed astride the edge of a tin can in the dumpster when he came out his first words were " Oh boy am I thor!"

  • apostatethunder

    Elderelite, I don’t know if sparlock is real or not, but he has hickjacked this site, lets not forget where he comes from, the GB and a bin. There is something about him I don’t like. I had to say it. Didn’t understand the nature of his mission either. This is an apostate site, what is our real goal here? Could it be that we are just being deceived and distracted by another GB plot, because we were getting on to something? I leave it in your hands, I think if anyone can stop this madness before it gets out of control, and bring everything back to normal, is you elder elite. May Thor be with you. I also think there are a lot of moles around, so please be careful, we want to keep you inside the org as long as possible. You are a very valuable asset. Good luck.

  • Magi

    Great vids NC. Keep posting them. lol :)

  • Pistoff

    Check out 1:24, looks like the Griffins house!

  • NewChapter

    Great vids NC. Keep posting them. lol :)

    Thank you. They are really kindergarten--but I am learning by doing them. I'm in search of a great Sparlock voice, because I can add my own voices.


  • elderelite

    NC, my dear, avatars are sacred. You need to change back to the cute blond. Its how we know you.

  • Spectre

    FadingAway- Don't knock the trash bin. Oscar the Grouch lives in a trash bin and he is awesome!.....wasn't Sesame Street but on the banned list

    because of The Count?

    NC- You do need to put back up your original profile pic (I wish I could change mine, I haven't had long hair in 4 years).

    Of course Thor would always beat Sparlock since he could just spin his hammer and deflect away any magic.

    Whats with the "warrior wizard" thing though? Wizards aren't warriors. Warriors aren't wizards. The WTS sure doesn't know its archetypes.

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