TV News Coverage of WTBTS

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  • laverite

    Great points Factfinder. I guess your username is not an accident, eh?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Lave I agree on your assesment regardig the commercial property. Despite the absolute meltdown in the resdential market, commercial isn't doing bad. I had to move a commercail property in the midst of the meltdown in 2009, and it was only off by 5% from it's peak. So the WT is just real estate obese and has a lot it can sell off without impacting their net worth

  • smiddy

    Good points factfinder maybe the journalist (?) should get their ass kicked for doing such a sloppy lazy job on reporting such a story , without doing their homework . smiddy

  • dinah

    I wish the place would explode.

    The whole news story sounded like propaganda to me. Really? A Witness calling New York vibrant and not really wanting to leave? I wish Jehovah were real and could make their heads explode everytime they lie.

  • dinah
    I find it interesting that selling off 34 properties with more than 3.4 million sq ft and moving to a 1.5 million sq ft facility in Warwick instead is called "outgrowing their facilities" rather than "downsizing".
    And if this reporter had done her research she would know that the magazines are printed in Canada, the monthly circulation is over 83 million and that Bibles and books are printed at Wallkill.

    I wanted to say that as well, but there is no "comment" option. I say let's bombard the News Director.

  • talesin

    @ dinah -- you just gave me a mental picture of the classis horror flick Scanners! :))

  • CuriousButterfly
    CuriousButterly: The money they are sitting on is huge. Over a billion bucks in unsold Manhatten prime real estate. Despite the incredible real estate difficulties in the US the past few years, there are areas that haven't had that impact. The Brooklyn Heights properties will go for top dollar. With all of their other streamlining and downsizing, they are getting leaner and meaner. The WTS is incredibly smart financially. They will continue to squeeze every last penny out of publishers that they can. They are thinking long term survival because the powers that be KNOW that they have to -- Armageddon is NOT just around the corner. The know the real truth about their false prophecies. No question.

    I completely agree and when they are on stage preaching to simplify by providing examples of a brother selling off his homes, cars, boats and land in order to pioneer is a crock of crap. If they want the r&f to simplify then the example has to start from the top. They want us to get rid of our "material possessions" to stay focused then why do they still keep buying/selling and make plans for "expansion" years down the road when the "end" is "near at hand"? The r&f who do not have a mind of their own really believe BS.

  • Reality79

    I also noticed that guy stating he has "mixed emotions" because NYC is such a vibrant place and they love their neighbours and the area blah blah blah......

    Funny, I thought this was Satan's world? Isn't "vibrant" NYC with all its vices a part of that? Don't they look forward to those very same "worldly" neighbours destruction if they don't become a part of the organisation?

    It's always so interesting to hear JWs change their tune whenever it suits them.

  • steve2

    There is often something of a unspoken quasi-cosy 'co-dependency' between organizations that supply their own press releases and the organizations that circulate those press releases for 'popular' consumption. Even if you had an investigative reporter available within a print and publishing organization who could dig beneath the positive spin, very few editors and managers would allow it - unless vested interests were taken care of (e.g., ensuring ongoing advertising revenue and keeping subscribers happy - to name the two most important determinants of what is and is not published.

    We've been burnt in one way or another by the Watchtower. We have a clear vested interest in exposing the Watchtower. That is not the case with "advertisers" and "the public" who consume media products. At one extreme, the public don't have much interest at all or tolerance of "religious news" (no matter how sensationalist, they switch off, but hey, if its sports, they'll tune in) and at the other extreme public who are "sensitive" about seeing religious minorities "picked on".

  • smiddy


    I wholeheartedly agree with your summation,the media ,whether it be in print or TV is not so much interested in truth or justice,its only superficially interested in news , its main interest is in entertainment , what appeals to the public,the masses , whats going to give them the edge on their competitors , whats going to generate revenue,and please the advertisers


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