Adam and Jesus in the scales.... Bull crap.

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  • elderelite

    Absolutly! No mention of satan in genisis... And paul the fraud! I am blown away every time i read the scripture that says the angles were thrown into tarturus.... No mention of that in hebrew scriptures, ever! It was purly a greek concept based on their myths of titans and their punishments by the gods. Good job keeping the congregation clean saul

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  • clarity

    Designs ......amazing site ...thank you so much!


  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    AND for the bibles theory to work god can't trip us when we're ahead either, but he did repeatedly.

    In the first few chapters the bible shoots itself full of holes because, if you read it with a critical working mind, god rigged the competition.

    Now if you haven't given up on this shit rag and read on you soon find that god cheats too.

    So delightful isn't it?


    Adam and Eve 6000 years old?

    No thanks, my country is inhabited by humans at least for 11.000.000 years.

    the other joke with the blondie ...

  • Botzwana

    Um MP....Revelation gives us the serpent´s identity doesn´t it? Satan the ORIGINAL serpent? If one were reading the bible cover to cover they might say oh....I get who that was now.

  • Badfish

    When you realize that YOU are God and have been deceived into following other SELF images instead of making choices for your SELF, you will see the true meaning behind this allegory.

  • mP


    No where does Genesis say that serpent was the first serpent. NO where in Genesis does it say Adam and Eve are the first couple. You are assuming wayyy too much. Maybe Satan is a serpent, but there were probably many serpents sliming around the earth prior to Adam. Your assumptions only make sense if theres only ever been one serpent which is not true.

  • jookbeard

    excellent post S&R, if a bookie was laying bets at the time of the great temptation to eat the forbidden fruit, the odds on of them failing would have been trillions to one , they were completely doomed to fail the test, if fact I think most bookies would have stopped taking the cash and closed up, a ridiculous and most pointless example , a fraud not even bettered through out this book of fables.

  • mP


    that eve must have come off the manufacturing line very broken. she ended up listening to a snake and ignored almighty god...go fiigure! if only all xians listened to my talking dog when demanded them to hand over their wallets.

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