2 person tent recommendations wanted

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  • poppers

    I'm looking for an affordable 2 person tent and would like input from anyone who has experience with camping. It will be used during The Ride Across Minnesota, my 5 day bicycle tour at the end of July. I'm leaning toward a Hooligan 2, manufactured by Coleman, but will consider other options. Is there anyone here who has this tent or has other recommendations? Weight isn't an issue since it will be transported by truck to each campground. Thanks.

  • SixofNine

    I'd recommend these two persons:

    Halle Berry


    voila, tent! ;)

  • poppers

    Good choices, but can I get them at Amazon?

  • RubaDub

    Poppers ....

    If weight is not the issue and you are not personally carrying it on your bike or in a backpack on the trail, why even consider a 2 person tent ???

    I have done my share of camping (I have 2 Colemans, one from when it was just my wife and I and now a bigger one with our daughter). The older one (a 7 x 9) is about 20 years old and aside from a few loose stitches, it is great. The newer one (an 8 x 10) is larger and actually lighter and works fine.

    Why not get at least a 7 x 9 which can sleep 2 (usually rated for 4) with lots of gear. In your case, you could keep your bike in your tent out of the elements.

    I see Walmart has a two-pole (which should make setup easier) Stansport for $88.00. On the other hand, for $45 they have a Wenzel Alpine 8 x 8 that I would consider.

    Colemans are great, I have two of them, but with the new fabrics and technology today, there are dozens of choices in the under $100 market. I personally like to have a larger tent even when I camped alone or now with my family.

    Rub a Dub

  • poppers

    Thanks for the input, rub. One of the considerations is ease in putting it up since it will just be me in the tent. I will take a look at your suggestions.

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