Christians Expect Too Much of God Compared To Witnesses?

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  • Phizzy

    Good to see you posting PWP, and I am as surprised as SBF at where your spiritual journey has taken you, your incisive thoughts on things will be most welcome on here at any time.

    As to the thread title, I agree, personally the most I ever hoped for was Holy Spirit to help me in the DtoD work and in giving talks etc. I did feel that I got that help, but now realise that the feeling was an illusion.

    I know of some JW's who feel they are directly blessed by their god, and they are devastated when something bad happens to them, "Why us?" they whine, as though all their DtoD work and Meeting attendance should have bought special protection for them, as if you could buy it from god.

    They ignore how illogical this is, why should god look after them and not some poor JW in a disaster zone on the other side of the World ?

    The born again types seem to suffer from the same delusion.

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