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  • TheStar


    Do you mean "reductive" because you believe they are not a cult?

  • dedalus
    Do you mean "reductive" because you believe they are not a cult?

    No, I mean "reductive" because the question "Are JW's a cult?" reduces the Witness experience to matter of semantics. It also makes it virtually impossible to talk about the Witness experience in ways that are fresh, nuanced, idiosyncratic, etc. If Dianne Wilson takes a huge chunk of her personal experience and directs it at the tired old question of whether her former religion is or isn't a cult, she sheds little light on either her experience or her former religion. The semantic game of labelling the Witnesses trivializes and oversimplifies the experience of being a [former] Witness.

    I'm not saying that the question of whether the Witnesses are or aren't a cult isn't at all important. It's just that I'd expect a personal narrative to do more. Let me say again that I haven't read Wilson's book, so I don't know whether she's done any of what I'm talking about here.


  • ozziepost
    Let us know what you think after you've read it Ozzie, please and thanks.

    I will, tonite. I hope!


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  • Will Power
    Will Power

    Could it make Oprah's book of the month club?
    would love to see an x as a guest on that show.

  • Trotafox

    Will Power:

    O-o-o-oh...I would love to see Oprah read C of C and then have an ex-JW on her show. I'm sure she'd be interested in topic matters, too.


    "Wicked men obey from fear; good men, from love".... Aristotle. You can love and obey Christ without intervention from an organization.

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