OK folks, do you know your southern language?

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  • jam

    When I served where the need is great, I wrote down some

    of the most amazing phrase that people say in the south.

    Straight to the point.

    A few that I found. Guess what is being said.

    1) as easy as sliding off A greasy log backward.

    2)Busy as A stump-tailed cow in fly time.

    3)Either fish or cut bait.

    4)even A blind hog finds an acorn now and then.

    5)happy as A dead pig in the sunshine. (give you A hint,

    this one fits all JW,s)

    6) scarce as hen's teeth.

    7) sun don,t shine on the same dog's tail all the time.

    8) aim-to, biggity, carry on, chunk, do-hicky, fixing to, laid

    up, mess, sorry, and tight.

    When they speak in the south, you know exactly what they


  • Diest

    I like fuck em' and feed em' fish heads.....I also like bless her heart.

  • jam

    Diest, never heard that one, but right to the point.

  • Diest

    They vary from state to state....

  • dinah

    I'm in Alabama, so I can relate.

    I've heard things referred to as being "as dangerous and wiping your butt with a butcher knife"

    The sun shines on every dog's ass one day.

    I'm very fond of "bless your heart" It can indicate sympathy or they could be calling you a dumbass. Context is everything!

  • blond-moment

    Fixin' to, down yonder, up the road a piece, more fun than a wet dog has stank,

  • dinah

    Fixin' to. That one cracks me up, but I still say it!

  • stealyourface

    I didn't understand what was being said the first time I heard 'stove up'. Understanding 'meaner'n a bobcat in

    a phonebooth bein' jacked off with a fist full o' bob wire' was immediate.

  • wasblind

    Sho 'nuff ?????

  • cedars

    I've never heard anyone from London, Bristol or Cornwall say stuff like that.

    They do speak queer though...


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