What association does The Society permit her single members?

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  • WTWizard

    They were to be exploited. Men were to join the Value Destroyer Training School so they could keep the cancer afloat in other parts of the country (which they are about to need, because in this Age of Aquarius, they are about to lose more people for independent thinking, and will not be able to recruit anyone through field circus). These people are supposed to go out in field circus, act as hounders in their assignments under the directive of a hounder-hounder, and are supposed to succeed in getting people into the cancer from the field where others have failed. And, when they fail because everyone is asking questions, they get blamed for it.

    Also, everyone is supposed to attend Beth Hell, pious-sneer, and move to where the need is greater (and, in the past decade or so, that has usually meant Nigeria or some equally dreadful rubbish dump). Stifle your sex drive--they are paranoid about the two sexes mixing, and they are homophobic beyond hate. Just keep in the field circus--I have noticed that association beyond boasting sessions and field circus with single witlesses dropping off a cliff sometime in the mid 1990s. Then they whine when people start looking outside the cancer (bad associations).

    Better get stocking up on S-77 forms. They are going to need them.

  • time2keepmoving

    There is nothing for single individuals or single-parent in that organization. Exactly like Quendi said they are "r outinely ignored or marginalized". In other words, you get 'no love' and 'no attention' for your own specific needs as a single person or parent.

    The W&TS does not address, assist or encourage single people other than to run around in the full-time service or serve where the 'need is great' where ever that may be. You are not worthy of having a life, that affords, interests, friends of the opposite sex, traveling, an education, creative skills, etc. You are just some generic blob whose sole purpose in life should be to push their publications, recruit new members and be the beast of burden for all the other members in the KH. Single parents are treated even worse.

    This organization is still caught up in the 50's and is very much dismissive of anything outside of the family unit with the 2.5 kids.

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, WTWizard, and time2, for your thought-provoking comments. Sorry your first comment on JWN didn't post, Marianne.

    Welcome to both you and time2!

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