Anyone else have (or used to have) their DCs at Hawthorne Race Track in IL?

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    Do tell, Raisin!! lol

    And you are right, OTWO. Cellular Field...Holy crap were those stairs steep or what? You'd think the WTBTS would be afraid someone would fall and hurt themselves. BAHAHAHA Sorry. I forgot they don't give a crap!

    And speaking of crap, how about when the horse dumped a big pile of shit onto the racetrack? I'm thinking it was really an angel in disguise and letting us all know what they thought of what was being spewed by the WTBTS!

    There were times I sat outside @ Hawthorne, too, if necessary. I must say, I actually thought of the Dist. Convent's this weekend. This past Sunday I was selling at a flea market. It was friggin HOT, and I remembered what I used to do to cool off at the outdoor conventions. I grabbed my little icepack and put my feet on it. Ahhhh. See! I did learn something useful while at the DC's!

  • FlyingHighNow

    I went the summer of 80 and we gladly sat outside. It was called the Divine Purpose and we renamed it the Divine Picnic because we were all sharing food the whole time. I have a picture of me out there, somewhere in my picture collection.

  • the_raisin

    Hahaha AK oh it wasn't much... just picture this... two young hot-headed JWs right? Relaxing in the hot tub of the La Quinta in Bloomington.... playing footsie and trying to eye-flirt... surrounded by... wait for it... a bunch of screaming six and eight year olds :D Yup. But my favorite was the sauna room, tiny little thing where my sis and I would lounge around and wait for unsuspecting victims to come in and try to make them as uncomfortable as possible. Once, I flirted with some 'stud' and the next day, I found out he was a little elder-in-training who tried avoid eye contact with us once he found out how old we were -_-


    Raisin, you naughty little flirt! You could've stumbled that brother right out of the "truth" you know. lol

    And are you speaking of Bloomington, IN?

  • fade_away

    Oh Wow!!! I had no idea so many people here are from the town I grew up in! Yeah I sure do remember Hawthorne racetrack, the horrible dreaded Whitesox stadium and Dekalb...all during the 90s. It was during my childhood/teenage years. Oh and those wonderful Gold Cup rooms and the comfortable red pivoting chairs! I got the privilage to sit there once. To think, everyone in this thread including myself were probably attending the same DC assemblies....all of us future "apostates" lost in the same crowd. Wish I would've known.


    Now, see? This kinda thing makes me want to know who you peeps are, in case I should know any of you. ok..I'll just put it out there. Anyone go to The Norwood Park or Northwest Congregations? LMAO! I could be opening a can of worms, but right now I don't give a fuck. lol PM me if youd like, if you have attended those halls or around there. I'd love to know more peeps from my old congos have jumped ship, too! Oh the stories I'm sure we could "APOSTATES" UNITE!

  • iceguy

    I remember those Barrel seats and could never get those coveted seats!!! I also remember very well the distractions going on the outside...loved watching the horses. I moved to NC before they started using the Cell but remember sitting outside at the old Comisky and melting in the heat!

  • outsmartthesystem

    "this "brother" bum rushes the chair and throws his stuff in it. I was stunned and pissed all at the same time. I let him have the chair, and I said to him, "Wow! THAT'S being Christian!""

    Now THAT is what I'm talking about. Brothers and sisters would literally get into "christian" fights over these damn seats. Bro #1 "Hey.....those were MY books you just shoved to the ground!" Bro #2 "What? There were no books in this chair at all when I got here." Bro #1 "I watched you. Don't lie to me". Bro #2 "I cannot believe you just called me a liar. You need to re-read Matthew 5:22." Bro #1 "Excuse me? Perhaps you should remove the rafter from your eye before you extract the straw out of mine." And the verbal sparring and cherry picked scriptures get tossed back and forth.

    Isn't it amazing that while we were attending DCs at the was "ok" because while we were there it magically transformed itself into the "house of Jehovah". But years later when they stopped having the DCs there, the reason used was " was a gambling house and we need to make sure we stop touching the unclean thing". If the fact that WE are there in JEHOVAH'S name.....suddenly cleanses the place for 3 days and makes it a temporary house of God......then what was it that changed that made that magic stop happening? They will justify BOTH their reasons for using it.....and their reasons for NOT using it.

  • outsmartthesystem

    "Do you remember watching mother ducks walking the ducklings to the pond or watching horses being run off to the sides (instead of paying attention to the talk)? Or watching workers mow the grass inside of the track? Even when you got the hard plastic seats, you folded a blanket or brought a cushion and there were so many great distraction." friend.....the ducks were the only thing that helped me keep my ten year old sanity. The little duck pond was to the left of the stage, right?

  • skeeter1

    Well, we had Gulfstream Race Track in north Miami/Hallendale back in the 1970's! Great view. It looked out over the Intercoastal and the ocean. I paid more attention to the pretty blue water and boats! Had to sit higher in the stands to see it, but the ocean must be less then a half mile away.

    Gulfstream's shopping complex coming together

    By Nick Sortal December 10, 2009 07:11 AM


    So officials from The Village at Gulfstream Park spelled out some more details Wednesday morning, as the mall is set to open Feb. 11.

    There had been some thought to moving up the date because Calder slots are debuting before the Feb. 3 Super Bowl week, but it was decided to leave it at Feb. 11. Good move; Super Bowl really doesn't have much to do with all this.


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