Some comments from a JW friend...

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    Excellent thread!!

    I especially enjoyed sd-7 and Blondie's posts...

  • What Now?
    What Now?

    Sorry my post got cut off halfway...

    @LostGeneration - Yes, it's comments like these that keep me convinced that this is indeed a cult!

    And thanks blondie for the info!

    @NeonMadman - The title for that kingdom ministry talk is actually "Youths, Could You Auxilliary Pioneer During Vacation?". May as well be called "Can We Guilt Trip You Into Auxilliary Pioneering During Vacation", or "Auxilliary Pioneer - All Your Friends Are Doing It!".

    I strongly believe that one of the reasons that the organization thrives is due to guilt and social pressure. The constant push for meeting attendance, field service, regular and auxillary pioneering makes publishers feel guilty for not doing enough - so they trudge to the meeting, put in some extra field service time, auxillary pioneer when everyone else is doing it. The hour reduction for auxillary pioneering during the memorial season really highlighted this for me - in my congregation, the names of everyone who were pioneering were read during the service meeting EVERY time, and a list with all the names was posted on the information board.

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