Facebook Updates and Family Communication ... or a lack thereof

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  • 00DAD

    How would you feel if you just learned about an important family event from a Facebook update and not directly from the family member themself?

    How would you feel if you realized that in fact they had tried to call you (they didn't leave a message saying WHY they called because they wanted to tell you directly), but you never bothered to return their call?

    My step-daughter recently got engaged and tried to call her brother to tell him. He didn't return the call. A couple of days later his girlfriend saw on Facebook that my step-daughter was engaged. He felt miffed that his sister didn't tell him and that he had to find out from his girlfriend who read about it on Facebook.

    Family drama made better by social networking!

    Your comments are welcome.

  • Lozhasleft

    Facebook seems to be responsible for so many quarrels between friends and family.

    Loz x

  • 00DAD

    Loz: Facebook seems to be responsible for so many quarrels between friends and family.

    It certainly seems to contribute. But, in this case at least, I think it just exacerbates the already underlying communication problems between the family members. Especially when the engagement announcement "went public" before the brother knew. But his sister tried calling him, he just didn't respond. She even waited a while to attempt to tell him first, but naturally she wanted her friends to know the good news too!

  • rebel8

    I found out some important news on FB once. Odd, IMO.

  • TheClarinetist

    The first time I was engaged, my mother found out when my ex left herself logged into Facebook on the family computer... and I've been similarly left out as well. It stinks from both ends.

  • zeb

    slightly oof track here but a recnet WT had an illustration of the dangers of social sites. It portrayed a woman supposedly asleep while her man was doing the late website walks.

    The impression given by the study as always that its the man who views the internet for..................porn.

    My suggestion; It was the man who was checking her facebook after her endless chattering on about some new friend she has or a pretend relationship she is into....

    I didnt suggest it as I dont go any more, but imagine how it would have been received. The wt articles are crass narrow and frighten off balanced reasonable discussion and of course no adult is going to go anywhere near the subject of porn or 'facebook'(type sites)with the children as part of the audience. But thats what is about isnt it. No balanced discussion and not denying all the little wt super brats their facebook.

    One poor parent had three computers permanently switched on he was paying for. When he asked for them to be turned on only when they were being used the outcry from the brats and their mother (the world would end etc) was loud and long.

    Their reason they would 'miss out' on what inane goss?

  • jemba

    Yeah similar situation here.

    When my Nan died my Mum sent "shes gone" by text message. I just had to guess it was my Nan as she had been sick in hospital. Could have been the dog for all I knew. So kind and caring them 'witlessless!

    I rang Mum and told her off for sending such an important message by SMS.

    Six months later a very close family friend Ive known my whole life died and I found out in the supermarket by text message... Mum again! I totally lost it in the middle of the supermarket and my Hubby had to help me back to the car.

    I seriously think there is something wrong with the social and emotional side of many JWs.

    Arent you glad youre out??!!

  • 00DAD

    It's crazy how so many people misuse modern technology. Sure instant communication is great, but there are still so many things that need to be communicated in person, or at least via a phone call.

    Texting and email is not the way to let someone know that a close family member died!

    How much brain power does it take to make a phone call, or at least send a text saying, "Please call me. It's important."


  • Iamallcool

    (never mind)

  • NomadSoul

    If it's important I leave a voice message.

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