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  • allyouneedislove

    So, I contacted this place: http://www.sdbiblicalstudies.com/

    and i got the following email (actually the second email to me):

    I appreciate you getting back to me. I encourage you to keep searching using God's Word as your only standard of truth. There are several home fellowships in the****. In ****there is ****fellowship****. In***** there are two home fellowships. One is *********** are long time fellowship leaders; their number is *******. Feel free to call anyone of them and mentioned you have had communication with me. My prayers are with you as you seek the truth. If I can be of further service, feel free to contact me. If you are interested, I can include you in my **** teachings that come out every week or two. I blind copy those who receive it.


    Things I should watch out for?

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Watch out for anyone who wants to massage your mind. Watch out for anyone who wants to tell you how to think and what to think.

    Keep yourself as the focus of your life. Enjoy fresh air, birds, clouds, colours, trees, freedom.


  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    I like how honest this part is "I encourage you to keep searching using God's Word as your only standard of truth."

    I agree with it, use your Bible until you feel comfortable to move onto other materials on your Spiritual Journey. Peace!

  • transhuman68

    Run away, run away, lol! It seems like a group with very fixed beliefs... so you would have to conform or leave, I guess. If you read a few books by Bible scholars you will see that no man or group can deliver on their promises of eternal life etc, as the Bible itself is...... problematic... but roll with it... just don't take it too seriously, lol.

  • Phizzy

    "....using God's word as your only standard of truth". I presume the writer means the Bible, hardly a good "standard of truth".

  • cantleave

    F*ck the bible, read some science books - that will get you nearer to the truth than any myths or fairy tales!

  • Fernando

    They say: "Christianity is not a religion, but it is God's relationship with His children".

    Very true.

    One thing to say that, and quite another to actually practice.

    Watch out for:

    • a depleted or truncated gospel in place of the unabridged gospel
    • a pseudo Jesus which is not really followed, due to following VISIBLE persons or organisations (Jesus is not really at the centre of the lives of persons in the group. They may know ABOUT him, but have no relationship with him).
    • a surreptitious clergy class and clergy-laity divisions
    • large gatherings in an auditorium as the only format which leads to a passive majority
    • legalism (externally imposed rules)
    • moralism (an externally imposed moral code)
    • ethnocentrism (focus on dissecting peripheral doctrines instead of the gospel)
    • Gnosticism (focussing on knowledge instead of knowing or relationship)

    Look for:

    • every member active (not passive)
    • small groups of about 6 with full participation
    • not weekly events but a way of life
    • not socially disconnected and separate from the community
    • spiritual (not physical) priesthood of all believers
    • spiritual (not physical) sainthood of all believers
    • Christ centred
    • Gospel focussed
    • Non-sectarian
    • Genuinely non-denominational
    • Genuinely organic (natural)
    • Not homophobic (key sign of religionists who see only the letter but not spirit of the law)
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Using the bible as your only standard of "truth" is like using Adolf Hitler as a moral compass.

    For starters Genesis et al was written in the 7th and 6th centuries BC, most of it POSTexilic, kind of as a back dated "history" to fit with the then current political / religeous climate and asperations. You know that 'book of the Law' the priests 'found' and brought to Josiah, well guess what...that was a freshly written Deuteronomy 1st edition, ...kinda coincidental eh?

    I suggest you spend your time actually researching where and how we got the bible we have before commiting yourself to believing it to be anything beyond what it actually is.

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