You like men? Your're a Sinner. You like little Boys? I shall ........

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    I only hope this rubbish catches up to them. Not only I hope they lose their case in Europe and get shut down in the five countries that they are in trouble with, but I hope their collection plates start coming back empty worldwide. And don't go to the Anglican, Baptist, Episcopalean, Presbyterian, Lutheran, or Pentecostal church. The same core problem is with those churches, too--and I hope their collection plates (and churches) to return empty.

    Now, I also hope the worst for the Jehovah's Witless religion. Not only do they do the worst of the Cat Lick church, but they blatantly lie and pretend it doesn't exist there. "We're not like them" is a lie the witlesses tell. Not to mention they are among the most homophobic among the Christian denominations, they denigrade women, and treat people like slaves.

    Not that Judaism and Islam are totally innocent. Both are certain to be hiding pedophile problems of their own, and both blatantly bash gay people and denigrade women. The Noahide Law, the Law of St Benedict, and Sharia Law pretty much represent the whole of all three of those filthy religions--at their worst. And, since I don't want those end results, why even get on that superhighway by going to church, synagogue, or mosque and supporting them?

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    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb


    Thanks for the laugh!

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